Teach English Writing Skills: Moral Choices


Learn to Write Coherent Ideas

Writing Skills: voice, idea, organisation

Clarity and coherence.

They are important aspects of good writing. They are also skills which ESL students can learn in the writing class. 

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Teach English Writing Skills: Creative Stories


Learn Creative Writing

Writing Skills: idea, organisation and sentence fluency

Where does the door lead? Do you enter? What happens next? These are the essential questions that ESL students will tackle in this creative writing assignment.

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Teach English Writing Skills: Complex Sentences


Learn to Write Complex Sentences

Writing Skill: sentence fluency


Sometimes students are lost in the English writing class. They need specific language teaching to help them learn, develop and practice writing skills. That’s the purpose of this English writing lesson.

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Teach English Writing Skills: Adding Voice


Learn English Writing with Voice

Writing skill: voice, word choice, sentence fluency

Here’s an ESL guided writing activity that uses a story about rafting to help English students learn to write interesting stories by adding voice.

In a previous post, I described an activity that shows students how to add voice to a text. This follow up exercise gives ESL students a chance to apply that knowledge.

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