My lastest ebook: Teach Writing Thinkingly

ESL writing lessons

Teach writing and critical thinking?

Oh yes, indubitably.

Written for ESL-EFL students at the intermediate+ level, 20 lessons effect student achievement with learning outcomes inspired by the 6+1 Writing Traits and the language of arguments and ideas.

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Short Stories for ESL Students

ESL short stories

Everybody knows reading is good for language learners, but what do you do with students who aren’t ready for full length books? Try short stories. Here are 4 fun quick reads that work well with intermediate+ students.

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ESL Writing Lesson: Better Paragraphs

Why can’t students craft good paragraphs? Perhaps, they’ve never learned to notice the logical breaks in ideas. This easy writing lesson, great for high beginner+, helps students notice paragraph breaks by providing obvious cues.

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Teaching English: How to Make Inferences

esl writing lessons infer

Students struggle in the ESL class to express complex ideas and critical thoughts because they don’t know, in part, how to make inferences. This collection of mini lessons for intermediate+ students tackles that barrier to progress.

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Learn English with a Trivia Game

esl speaking activity trivia

ESL Teaching Materials

If you’re looking for a language-focused activity that gets students excited about speaking and listening to English, it’s hard to beat a trivia game.

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