ESL Writing Exercise: Six Sentences

by eslwriter on November 23, 2014


SIX SENTENCES Time: 15-25 minutes Level: High beginner + Example: Visit The Idea This controlled writing activity helps students write clear sentences by focusing their attention on every word. Step 1 Write a six-sentence paragraph with three rules. Do not repeat any word, including contractions and articles. The paragraph must tell a story. The final […]

ESL Writing Activity: List Poem

by eslwriter on November 19, 2014


Here is another writing activity to help ESL students learn English writing. This activity is called List Poem. List Poem Time: 10-20 minutes Level: High beginner + Example: Read Shel Silverstein’s, Sick, a fine list poem. This fun, high interest activity asks students to make a list of things and put them inside a free form […]

100 Word Stories

by eslwriter on November 9, 2014


ESL teachers usually look for new writing prompts and warm-ups to help their students stay interested in learning English writing. 100 Word Story is a website, a writing challenge and a terrific writing idea for the ESL classroom. The idea is simple: write a story with 100 words. The topic is wide open. The only […]

How to Write a Sentence

by eslwriter on October 26, 2014


Here is an article from The New Yorker. It is called How to Write a Sentence.    

How Does Writing Affect The Brain?

October 23, 2014 ESL STUFF

How Does Writing Affect The Brain? Here is the answer. Delightful story about the connection between writing and brain activity.  

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Teach Collocations Video: Watch and Write

September 15, 2014 ESL STUFF

Here is a quick sponge activity to help ESL students learn English vocabulary by understanding a bunch of collocations related to summer activities. ESL Video Lesson This video is from Vimeo.

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O Me ! Oh Life

August 4, 2014 ESL STUFF

Here is an ESL writing exercise that begins with a poem and asks English students to write a considered response. Exercise Structure 1  Read the poem O Me! Oh Life! by Walt Whitman. 2  Students write a response piece by briefly discussing their interpretation of the poem. 3  Students answer this question, based on the […]

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Language Affects Thought?

August 1, 2014 ESL STUFF

Does language change the way people think and see the world? Get the answer with this podcast by Lexicon Valley.  

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Writing With an Engine

July 28, 2014 ESL STUFF

Here is a writing style tip that helps ESL students write well. This style tip is about engines and comes from Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. WRITING STORIES WITH QUESTIONS Part 1 An engine is a source of energy that keeps something moving. In writing, the engine is a question which the reader finds interesting. Because […]

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Writing Style Tips

July 28, 2014 ESL STUFF

Teaching ESL students how to write English stories and essays with style can be a challenge. What is style, anyway? LEARN WRITING STYLE Here are a few examples of how to write English with style. These come from Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. This style tip encourages writers to use four numbers to improve their […]

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