Moral Dilemma

moral dilemma

Critical Thinking English Lesson

This English lesson encourages students to think critically by analyzing choices that involve conflicting values. The challenge is to argue that one warrant (i.e. assumed value system) is better than another when faced with a moral dilemma.

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ESL Activity: Poster Presentation

esl poster activity

Looking for an oral presentation activity, but hate student speeches? Try a poster presentation. It’s an awesome fluency activity that keeps students talking and engaged.

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10 Writing Activities

english lesson plan

Looking for English lessons that get students writing and thinking? Here are 10 activities which help students improve several aspects of the total writing experience.

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What is an argument?

esl writigng activities

Here’s an ESL activity that can produce several aha moments. Teach students to construct arguments. It’s a vital skill that promotes clear thinking, precise writing and concise speaking. 

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