Teaching Writing: Analyze and Contrast



Are squares A and B the same colour?

This optical illusion is a good symbol for this English writing lesson. Sometimes, we have to learn to see what is not obvious through critical thinking.


This English writing exercise helps ESL students learn and practice multiple skills including comparisons, contrasts, analysis and abstractions.

Students will watch a short soft drink commercial which describes aspects of life in two generations and then complete a comparative analysis. (more…)

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Teaching English

Teach English and thinking skills at the same time with lessons and ebook from eslwriting.org.

Teaching English & Thinking

Teaching English just got a little easier with three ebooks from ESL Publications. These low-prep, high-interest logic puzzles, word games and trivia challenges help ESL students learn vocabulary and general knowledge while improving listening, speaking and critical thinking skills at the same time.

1.  160 Logic Puzzles and Word Games

Every good teacher has a stable of back pocket activities to fill unexpected gaps. They are called sponge activities. These 30 worksheets with 160 logic puzzles and word games are awesome sponge activities – time savers, not time fillers – because they frame language learning as a puzzle, challenge. (more…)

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Learn English Writing – Odds & Ends

Good teaching helps students paint pictures with words.


This picture reminds me that good teaching helps students paint pictures with words. It moves students to tell stories.  Even low level students can produce marvelous work with the right feedback and support.

Teachers also need support. To that end, here are a few writing ideas, lessons and activities. Maybe good teachers can kind something useful to help their students create something marvelous. (more…)

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Learn English Writing – Progress and Movement



  • learn English writing sentences about change

This activity helps students learn English writing sentences about change, to control progress, movement or action in a paragraph or short story. It also helps students improve their ability to describe things with accuracy and style.

Students will write a story with four different people. Each person does something different, but these actions must evolve or progress. They become bigger, better, worse, happier, stronger, scarier, or deadlier. The student chooses the kind of change that happens. (more…)

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Learn English Writing – Appositives

Learn Englsh sentence writing at eslwriting.org
Appositive? What’s an appositive?


This English lesson helps student learn how to write better sentences by using appositives. The lesson has three parts.

  1. an explanation of appositives with practice exercises
  2. an appositive lesson in a pdf
  3. a reflective writing exercise with a video prompt that encourages the use of appositives

An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that tells us more about another nearby noun. It looks like a relative clause but there are no words like ‘which, who or that’. Here is an example:

  • Sparky, my first cat, loved to catch mice. (The appositive is my first cat.)


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Learn English Writing – Articles


Articles are indeed confusing for ESL students learning how to write English stories, essays and reports.

Knowing how to write a sentence with the correct article is a tough job for ESL students. There are so many rules and the rules are confusing.


Often, regular, short practice exercises are a good way to help students learn this important writing task.

This (more…)

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