Teach English Vocabulary


ESL Vocabulary Games

Teaching English vocabulary does not have to be a chore. Sometimes, a few short fun can enliven the class mood and transform the learning process into an enjoyable experience.

That’s the aim of these two vocabulary games. None are meant to be full classroom lessons. They are 10 minute language learning activities that offer a change of pace or provide a language focused activity when you need to fill a 10 minute gap.

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Teach English Writing KOTESOL


Teach English Writing

This weekend, I will have the good fortune to participate in a KOTESOL conference in Wonju, South Korea.

The topic of my workshop presentation is Teach Writing Thinkingly. The main argument is that ESL students can learn to write powerful and persuasive English text if they use an inquiry based approach.

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Teaching Warrants with a Murder Mystery


Teach English Writing and Arguments

Teaching ESL students how to write logical arguments  supported by warrants is a slow but worthwhile exercise. Once ESL students learn how to write these arguments, their text becomes clear and persuasive.

This mini lesson writing lesson incorporates several skills into one activity. The lesson centres on a murder scene.

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Videos for the ESL Writing Class


Learn English Writing with Videos

Short video clips are great writing prompts. They stimulate imagination, provide context for new vocabulary and nudge students to try and explain complex ideas.

Over the years I have collected a few links to great ideas. Here are five of those videos. I often use these clips in the writing class. They also work well in a conversation class, especially in pair work activities.

Video Clips for the ESL class

1. The Black Hole (2:22)

There’s no dialogue but the moral of the story is easy to understand. Great ending.

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