Teach English Writing with Logic Puzzles


ESL Writing Activities

Writing teachers sometimes need short tasks to fill a 15 to 20-minute gap. Maybe you are near the end of a period and don’t want to start a long assignment which has to be restarted and reviewed next class. That’s when a short writing task comes in handy. 

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Teach English Writing: Video Summaries


Write Story Summaries

Writing Skills: idea, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, organisation

Short videos with interesting plots make great prompts for an ESL writing class. Here are 5 videos which can help students learn English writing skills.

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Teach English Writing: Add Punctuation


Add Punctuation

Writing Skills: sentence fluency, conventions, ideas

ESL writing teachers sometimes need short activities to fill unexpected breaks. If you’re like me, you’d prefer not to use time wasters. I like to maximize student learning opportunities.

That’s why I like this activity so much. It’s a challenging activity that neatly fills a 10-minute gap with a quick learning punch.

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Teach English Writing: Stories with Focus


Write a Story

Writing Skills: sentence fluency, voice, organisation

How can ESL teachers help writing students maximize learning? By designing English writing activities with layers of objectives.

This lesson is an example. Provide students with a picture prompt and ask them to write a creative story. But there is another layer. Students must incorporate complex sentences into their story. 

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