10 Writing Activities

Looking for English lessons that get students writing and thinking? Here are 10 activities which help students improve several aspects of the total writing experience.

Creative Writing

1 Sci-fi

Students write a story about an encounter with a UFO; good picture prompt included.

  • Instructional focus: add details.

2 Mini saga

Students write a complete story in 50 or 100 words.

  • Instructional focus: write a complete thought in one paragraph.

Summary and Analysis

3 Video prompt

Watch the video Howl. Summarize the story. Describe the story’s message.

  • Instructional focus: learn to summarize.

4 Text summary

Read a short text. Summarize the story about why Twitter is limited to 140 characters. Describe the main idea.

  • Instructional focus: learn to identify key information.

Critical Thinking

5 Inferences

Learn how to make inferences by completing several short activities.

  • Instructional focus: be aware of and describe unspoken assumptions that lead to conclusions.

6 Arguments

Learn how to write an argument with a simple sentence pattern.

  • Instructional focus: identity and articulate main ideas by writing about the claim and premise.

7 Critical analysis

Analyse and evaluate the argument in a TV commercial.

  • Instructional focus: use critical thinking techniques to evaluate claims.

8 Arguments based on analogies

Listen to a story about the meaning of life. Summarize the story. Describe the story’s argument.

  • Instructional focus: evaluate arguments based on analogies.

Better Text

9 Editing

Practice error correction with these exercises.

  • Instructional focus: students learn to find and fix their own text errors.

10 Paraphrase writing

Students increase awareness of sentence styles by paraphrasing words and ideas.

  • Instructional focus: expand vocabulary and understanding of sentence styles.

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