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Cognitive Dissonance

by eslwriter on July 30, 2014

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Before the summer break, the ESL students had been studying the structure of arguments, fallacies and the power of analogies. This work helps the students learn English and engage in critical thinking in English. Lots of people commit argumentative errors. Here is a quote form a recent Facebook entry. It’s a criticism of Noam Chomsky […]

Language and Logic

by eslwriter on June 9, 2014

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This is a short course that helps ESL students learn the way the English language can be manipulated to persuade people.  In this class you will learn just a few sentence patterns. But, they are important because they contain power. The power is this: they create the illusion that an argument is correct and therefore you should […]

This is week 14 of the semester. The final exam is just around the corner so it’s time for my ESL students to learn English and get ready for the test. ESL Conversation Exam Here are the final exam questions. Each student will get one question from each part. This will be a conversation exam, […]

It’s the the last week of original content for the semester and last chance for the ESL students to learn new English words, phrases, ideas and things in this class. ESL Conversation Activity #1 Before I go I’d like to… visit … thank … meet … eat … tell … give … see … witness […]

It’s week 12 of the semester and time for my ESL students to learn more English speaking before the quiz, which is coming soon. UNDERSTAND LIKE AND LOOK LIKE LOOK LIKE and LIKE are easy to confuse. They are also useful when you want to express ideas in a conversation. CHARACTER  What is your best friend like? She […]

Last week was a short week for the ESL students because of two national holidays. This week, we will be building English fluency skills with reading and summarizing exercises a new vocabulary game a logical thinking puzzle worksheet facts about reading   The Importance of Reading Click to read a few facts about reading.      

Last week the ESL students practiced their English conversations skills during the mid term exam. Now its back to the English classroom to learn vocabulary, phrases, grammar and conversation skills. ESL CONVERSATION WORKSHEETS Here are some of the things we will learn and study in the conversation class. A simple grammar exercise, this ESL conversation worksheet helps […]