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Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 3

by eslwriter on September 17, 2014

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These English exercises help ESL students learn how to improve writing sentences and paragraphs. THESIS SENTENCES A thesis sentence is your main idea. It is the first sentence of a paragraph. It is important to learn how to write this sentence. When you learn how to write this sentence, your writing, speaking and thinking skills will […]

Two weeks ago we did a short exercise about six thinking hats. These hats help ESL students find new and interesting ways to talk in English about any conversation topic. White Hat: Facts. Red Hat: Emotion and opinions. Yellow Hat: Good points. What you like about it? Black Hat: Bad points. Mistakes you can find. Green Hat: […]

Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 2

by eslwriter on September 11, 2014

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That was a long Chuseok holiday. I hope you are ready to being the training program again. This week will learn about Six Writing Traits. SIX WRITING TRAITS It’s a framework to help teachers evaluate student writing. IDEA: a clear message, the content. Good writing shows, it does not tell. Stimulating, interesting, surprising content. ORGANISATION: The structure. […]

Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 1

by eslwriter on September 5, 2014

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WRITING CLASS PART 1 In this first class of the week, the trainees: Read a short descriptive paragraph about a subway station. This was used as a model for the pre-writing assignment. Wrote short sentences using a puzzle prompt about a man crossing a river with a boat, goat, wolf and head of cabbage. The […]

There were no classes this week. Let’s learn English next week.

It’s a new semester. Welcome to the Advanced ESL Conversation class. I hope you’re ready to advance. English Conversation Syllabus Here is the syllabus for our Advanced English conversation class. ESL Activities This conversation and vocabulary worksheet has words which might look similar but have different meanings. Work with a partner and explain the differences between the words. Make examples […]

High School Class

by eslwriter on August 27, 2014

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Hi welcome to our short English class. I hope you learn a few English words and make time to learn a fe sentences to help your speaking ability. Learn English: Australia Trivia     Learn English: Vocabulary Exercises This worksheet has some vocabulary exercises to help high school students learn English words and phrases, as well […]