Learn English Speaking, Basic: Week 10


This is week 10 of the semester. Here is the plan for this week.

  1. Remember the Walk About Activity is next Monday.
  2. Textbook chapter 5b.
  3. Review sentences with TOO
  4. Quick Review – How much and how many Q & A
  5. What’s different? (hand out)
  6. Breakfast food
  7. Textbook chapter 6a
  8. Brain puzzles – things
  9. Sentence Patterns – preposition plus ING
  10. Everyday things – learn vocabulary
  11. Cooking spaghetti vocabulary and video
  12. Food and cooking vocabulary puzzle worksheet

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Learn English Speaking, Basic: Week 7


Learn English Speaking

Here is the plan for this week to help ESL students learn English speaking skills.

It’s a short week because of the holiday on Wednesday. So, my ESL students have just one class to learn English responses for the conversation exam questions.

Please note: all exam questions are given in random order. Students do not choose which questions they answer.

Part 1. Look like and like

You will have 1 or 2 questions from this section. Long answers with full sentences and details are suggested.

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