Learn English Speaking, 2

Learn English Speaking, 2


Here is the plan for this week’s English conversation class.

  1. develop reading and speaking skills by completing textbook chapters 7a and b (next week 7c and d);
  2. develop critical thinking and communication skills by solving a small group mystery;
  3. improve vocabulary by reviewing words in pair work exercise (handout)
  4. solve problems and build vocabulary with a word puzzle sheet.


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Teacher Training Program Closing Out

silent tree

The Evolution of Teacher Improvement

Language teachers often feel pressure or a desire to improve themselves. But the questions are: improve how and improve what? The answers are not simple.

Look at the evolution of teacher improvement. According to Jack Richards, an ESL teacher with 30 years’ experience, teaching improvement has changed. Today’s vision of how teachers improve and what teachers need to improve is different from the past.

In the past, the emphasis was on Teacher Training …

  • Focused on how to use one method.
  • Equated teacher competency with the application of a skill.
  • Emphasized technical aspects of teaching.
  • Teachers learn from experts.


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