English Speaking

Exams are done. Now it’s time for the ESL students learn English again. Here is the plan for this week. ESL Advanced Class Activities Students have an oral presentation to deliver. Remember the syllabus? Each student will need to do an in-class 10-15 minute presentation. It is worth 10%. Do research, collect and analyze some data. Submit a written […]

Learning, Forgetting and Words

by eslwriter on October 20, 2014


Here are odd bits of trivia about language learning, words and forgetting. My hope is to inspire and motivate students to learn English and consider the benefits of extensive reading. The information about learning words comes from this useful site. LEARNING WORDS ESL students need to know about 2000 word families to read and understand 85% of […]

This is week seven of the semester. Next week the ESL students will demonstrate what they learned with a written English mid term exam. Mid Term Exam Here are the review questions for the mid term exam. Learning Objectives Here is the general plan of objectives for this week: continue our critical thinking skills project […]

Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 6

by eslwriter on October 8, 2014

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It’s week 6 of the semester and time for the ESL students to learn abbot English po Writing Objectives Improve paraphrasing skills by learning how to use appositives in sentences. Improve descriptive and persuasive writing skills by finishing at least one self-reflective story. Improve free thinking skills by writing an interpretative analysis of a poem.

This is week 6 of the class that helps ESL students learn advanced English speaking. Here is the general plan of objectives for this week: continue our critical thinking skills project by learning six finds of fallacies that are used in arguments improve reading and discussion skills by completing the next chapter in the book assess […]

Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 5

by eslwriter on September 29, 2014

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This week will start a few exercise that help ESL students learn English paraphrase writing. This will involve several writing and knowledge skills including nominalisations, synonyms and appositives. What is Paraphrase Writing? Paraphrasing is a reading and writing skill. Read a sentence or paragraph and then write the same ideas using your words. Paraphrasing is not […]

Homework Today we will have a small group discuss exercise. You read the assigned article and prepared answers for these questions. Summarize the writer’s main ideas. What is the argument? What are the claims and the premises? Describe two or three hypotheses. Write down 5-7 comprehension questions. We will discuss this article in the next Monday […]

Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 4

September 24, 2014 TTP

This week the ESL students will focus on precision writing. That means, using the fewest number of words to communicate an exact idea. Rewriting Process Rewriting is an important part of learning how to write well. But, sometimes students just correct the small errors and don’t think about the entire text. You have to learn […]

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English Advanced Conversation: Week 4

September 21, 2014 Advanced English Speaking

Here are the lessons and activities to help my ES:L students learn English conversation and develop their critical thinking skills. Quick Review Let’s do a quick review of the main things we have learned so far in this class. We learned vocabulary and communication skills by describing the differences between two similar words. (we need […]

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Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 3

September 17, 2014 TTP

These English exercises help ESL students learn how to improve writing sentences and paragraphs. THESIS SENTENCES A thesis sentence is your main idea. It is the first sentence of a paragraph. It is important to learn how to write this sentence. When you learn how to write this sentence, your writing, speaking and thinking skills will […]

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