Learn English Conversation: Week 12

Teach ESL students English conversation skills with lessons from eslwriting.org.

Learn English Conversation Skills

Here is the plan for this week to helps ESL students learn English conversation skills:

  1. quiz #2 (on Friday)
  2. describing things and people well with like and look like
  3. textbook 5, units C and D

ESL Speaking Activity 1: Like and Look Like

Describing things with like and look like is important. But these words and phrases are easy to confuse. This exercise helps ESL students see the errors and correct them. (more…)

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Learn English Writing, Basic Class: Week 11

umbrella rain


Here are the writing exercises for this week.

  1. re-write the third draft of the Seconds story
  2. re-write the control story – use good sentences to show change
  3. complete editing exercises and articles practice questions to improve basic writing skills – this is homework
  4. check answers for chapter 5 and 6 in the textbook
  5. understand the difference between during and while
  6. close and far away words
  7. quiz review


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