Basic English Conversation

This is the last week of classes for the semester. Let’s do a quick review by starting with the objectives of the class. FROM THE SYLLABUS Objectives improve fluency through regular practice and speaking drills

It is near the end of the school semester and the ESL students are working hard to learn English and prepare for the final exams.

This is week 12 of the semester. Next week, my ESL students will have an English quiz. Here are some worksheets and questions to help students prepare for the quiz. 1.VOCABULARY Download this vocabulary worksheet. Students show be able to write four answers for each question. 2. Page 53 in the book. Section 8a. Read […]

This is week 11 of the school semester. Food and Cooking worksheet is here. Activity Verbs You will need to know these verbs when talking about hobbies. Here is a list of verbs and examples. Different Kinds of Questions Page 51 of the book is a pair work exercise. Here you have to make many different kinds […]

This is week 10 of the English conversation class. ESL CONVERSATION ACTIVITIES This week we will: learn how to describe shops and stores practice English words and phrases related to giving directions review vocabulary practice speaking and listening to questions and answers

The mid term exams are over and now its time for the students to restart classes to learn English. This week, the learning objectives are as follows: Food vocabulary Questions with How many  and How Much Some and any Food containers and packages

My ESL students have been busy learning English as they prepare for the mid term exams, which come next week. Here are three ESL pair work speaking and vocabulary activities to help my students improve their English and have a little fun. ESL VOCABULARY WORKSHEETS This ESL vocabulary worksheet helps students become aware of words […]