Fall 2013 Beginner ESL Conversation: Week 12

This is week 12 of the semester. Next week, my ESL students will have an English quiz. Here are some worksheets and questions to help students prepare for the quiz.


Download this vocabulary worksheet. Students show be able to write four answers for each question.

2. Page 53 in the book. Section 8a.

Read the word or word in each question. Write a question and answer. The answer should have two sentences.

  1. enjoy
  2. love

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Fall 2013 Beginner ESL Conversation: Week 11

This is week 11 of the school semester.

Food and Cooking worksheet is here.

Activity Verbs

You will need to know these verbs when talking about hobbies. Here is a list of verbs and examples.

Different Kinds of Questions

Page 51 of the book is a pair work exercise. Here you have to make many different kinds of sentences. Here are some examples.

1. What (5 W’s)