ESL Listening Lessons Final Exam Review

This is week 14 of the semester. It’s the last week of classes. The final exam is coming soon. To help my students learn English and prepare for the exam, here are some suggestions.


The final exam will be two parts.

Part 1 will be a listening test based on the class book. The final exam will have questions based on chapters 9 to 16. I suggest:

  1. read chapters 9 to 16;
  2. make a list of the important words and phrases;

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ESL Listening Lessons Quiz Review: Week 12

This post has information and review questions for Listening Class Quiz #2.

Quiz #2 Review Sheet

The quiz has three parts. Read the questions below. Or download and print the questions on one page.

Part 1.

Two sets of questions based on chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the listening book.

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Week 11: ESL Listening Lessons

It’s week 11 of the semester. Here are two worksheets for this week’s ESL English listening lessons to help students with their film English.


  1. This ESL video listening lesson worksheet is about a

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Week 10: ESL Listening Lessons

This is week 10 of the semester. Here are some worksheets for this week’s ESL English listening lessons. My students should print both of these worksheets for

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