Teaching English: Inspiring Teachers

It doesn’t seem to happen often these days. Great teachers getting recognition.

Here is an article about great teachers who have been recognized for their achievements, and their different approaches to teaching.

You can read the article here. Below are some highlights from the story published by AsiaOne News.

Mr Quek, 31, said his fusion of philosophy and English works – even in classes for academically weaker students.

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Learn English Writing: Getting Creative With Paragraphs

For the past week, the ESL students have learned how to write English paragraphs by reading statistical data. The English students then took those separate paragraphs and created a five paragraph essay. That was hard work.

Most students did a great job. All of the students showed me their writing is getting better.

Review of Student Writing

The purpose of the last ESL writing lesson was to write a five paragraph essay.

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Learn English Writing: From Paragraphs to Short Essays

So far, the ESL students have completed many paragraph writing assignments. The learning objectives were to look at a table of data, find the most important ideas and write a well structured paragraph.

That means, a paragraph with a good topic sentence, supporting ideas and an conclusion.


The English composition students looked at different sets of food consumption data for Korea and other countries: fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods like grains. Those data tables are here: ESL writing lesson raw data.

Now it is time to put to the whole thing together. The assignment today is to write a five paragraph essay. Here is the writing plan.

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