ESL Listening: Grow Rice Lesson

Here is an ESL listening activity that helps English students hear and understand words and phrases related to farming. This lesson also helps students improve their ability to describe lists of events.

Growing Rice Video Lesson

Here is the link to watch the ESL Video about growing rice: ESL lesson grow rice.


tractor, organic, chemicals, variables, harvest, bin, hull


  1. Why does the farmer like to grow rice?
  2. Where is his farm?
  3. What kind of farmer is he?
  4. What is organic farming?
  5. What variables can affect his farm?
  6. What are five kinds of rice?
  7. What do farmers have to plan?
  8. How much water is put on the field?
  9. How does the farmer plant rice?
  10. What happens when the rice is done?
  11. How many harvests do they have each year?
  12. How much rice is in each bin?
  13. What do they check inside the bins?

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