ESL Speaking: Week 4 Materials

Here are some ESL conversation materials and activities for my English university class students to improve fluency and vocabulary skills.


This worksheet helps students improve their speaking ability by focusing on words with CH sounds. The worksheet is here.

ESL Videos

This is a pair work speaking exercise to help students practice making a story.

Divide the class into A and B. B students leave the classroom for 5 minutes. A students watch this video. B students return and A students make a summary. Watch again to see if A made a good story.

Angel Girlfriend from DTan on Vimeo.

This is the video for B students to watch. They make a summary and tell the story to A students.

Couple (HBO 2) from DTan on Vimeo.

How Often Questions

Here is a simple worksheet to help students practice questions and answers with How often do you…? and Do you ever …? questions.

Download the worksheet here: how often do you.

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