teach ESL conversation

Freshman ESL Conversation Spring, Week 1

ESL Conversation

Welcome to our English conversation class, spring 2017.

Plan for this Week

  1. Review the syllabus (e.g. book, grades, etc)
  2. Extra Resources
  3. Conversation activities
  4. 30 Verbs
  5. seating arrangements


  • bring textbook
  • pencil and notebook
  • dictionary

Next Week

  • textbook unit 1 A and B
  • conversation questions
  • talk about the book report project

Extra Resources

ESL Conversation Activities

  1. 5 x 5 Grid – an activity to meet other people
  2. Sound and Sort 1 – a speaking and thinking activity
  3. Odd One Out – a speaking, listening and thinking activity

30 Verbs

Look at the words on this vocabulary worksheet. Practice making past tense questions and answers with your partner.