Learn Paraphrase Writing #1

This is the first lesson of the Paraphrase Writing e-course. This is a six-part series that teaches English students paraphrase writing. If you want to learn more about why you need to learn paraphrase writing, click here.

In this exercise you will learn one paraphrasing skill: using synonyms to rewrite sentences. Here is an example.

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More than half of the women who attended the one-day meeting were in business with their spouses.

Some of the words are underlined. Use a dictionary or thesaurus to find synonyms for these words and phrases. Now rewrite this sentence with these new words and phrases.

Here is one possible answer.

The majority of the women who went to the one-day conference were in business with their husbands.

Paraphrase Writing Questions

Here are the questions for this lesson.  If you want, download the writing worksheets with the questions and answers here.

  1. Approximately 30,000 students may be assisted by the proposed “free lunch” program.
  2. With the development of flash memory cards, the market for portable music players jumped sharply.
  3. Although the coach’s strategy was a little dangerous, the team was successful.
  4. Therefore, the effect was an increase in student examination results.
  5. In addition, a strong typhoon is expected to batter the coast over the next few days.
  6. The expenditure needed to combat climate change will require changes to the federal government’s budget.
  7. The engineer must judge how much dynamite to use according to the volume of material to be removed from the tunnel.
  8. Two of the students were expelled for violating the school’s “no fighting” policy.

Download the Writing Worksheets

Click here to download the worksheet for this lesson.

Good luck. Write some of your answers in the comments section so everyone can read your writing.

17 thoughts on “Learn Paraphrase Writing #1

  1. Thanks. paraphrasing is soooooooo important for students whose writing skills are so low that they almost feel that they cannot complet assignments unless they plagiarize!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the material you presented. I’m going to take the TOEFL exam soon and wanted to practice paraphrasing. Here is example 1 to share to others:
    a. Almost 30,000 students may be helped by the suggested free lunch program.
    b. Nearly 30,000 students may be aided by the recommended free lunch program.
    c. Around 30,000 students may be supported by the offered free lunch program.

    I thought I would practice with 3 synonyms to really get it into my brain. Thanks again!

  3. thank you so much,its very useful for us to improve our writing skills,and i think we need more than that,please update it as much as you can!we are looking forward for it!

  4. Hello, is it okay if i paraphrase: “More than half of the women who attended the one-day meeting were in business with their spouses.” with “Over half of the women who went to the one-day conference were in business with their husbands.” ? Thank you very much

  5. HI, in the 6th sentence would it be alright if i paraphrased “to combat climate change” with “to tackle climate change” ? Thank you sir :)

  6. 7) The engineer must how much dynamite to use on the of material to be removed from the tunnel. I hope this is correct :)

  7. Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills in learning a second language, because it helps improve your vocabulary, grammar and understanding of texts.

  8. 2. With the expansion of flash money cards, the market place for portable music players increase significantly

  9. Hi
    I disagree with you here. To avoid plagiarism the whole sentence must be different. Any fool can use a thesarus. We want the students to take notes and “digest” the material, before they write about the topic in their own words and structure. Also, remember to cite the source!

  10. Hi Marge,

    I understand your comment about fools and a thesaurus. I guess my idea comes from a teaching perspective. Break down the tasks into bite size teachable moments. Then later hope and teach students how paraphrase properly with a full toolkit.


    rob whyte

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