Easy ESL Speaking Game: Speed Game

Speed game is a popular speaking activity in most ESL classes. My English students like this activity because it doesn’t look like they are learning English. I love it because it helps to build English fluency skills.


Download and print the Speed Game word lists. Here is the link for the Speed Game word list.

Cut the lists into groups of ten words. (The lists have been formatted that way for easy prep.) There

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Easy ESL Speaking Game

This board game is a review exercise for beginner level ESL students. My class is using it to prepare for a mid-term exam. The questions cover a good array of basic grammar and vocabulary content which the students spent time learning in English class.

How to Play

My English students generally like to play in teams.

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ESL Writing Lesson: Summarizing Data

This ESL writing lesson gives students a chance to practice an important writing skill: how to read data and summarize the main points into one or two paragraphs. First, here is a quick review of some great student writing.

ESL Student Writing

  1. The Smart phone makes people free from time and space.
  2. All people are addicted to Smart phones.
  3. The invention of the Internet has changed our life completely.
  4. Imagine the world without the Internet.
  5. If there is no eraser in the world, our life would be difficult.

A Few Comments

  1. What is difference between convenient and comfortable?

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ESL Writing Lesson: Paragraphs About Inventions

Here is a review of some ESL student writing and problems.



“Cats like people and they have many charming points.”

– – who are THEY? Cats or people?

“Dogs are very familiar animals with humans. They mostly live in houses 

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