10 AI Lesson Ideas for Writing Teachers

AI lessons for the ESL writing class

How can ESL teachers use AI to teach writing? Sounds strange because some of us, like me, tried the avoidance strategy. No AI in this writing class, I thought. I was delighted with the results but realized some accommodation is required. AI ain’t going away. Here are a few AI lesson ideas to help teachers use AI and not feel like it’s taking over.

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6 Amazing Images You Can Use As ESL Writing Prompts

family esl writing prompt

Who said there’s no time for fun activities in the ESL writing class? I like to use spacer activities to give my ESL students a mental break and a creative challenge at the same time. Here are six images that I like to use as ESL writing prompts. Great fun and awesome sponge activities.

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How to Teach Writing to Shy Students

teach shy students ESL writing

Here are some unique writing lesson activities that can help shy students develop their writing skills and build their confidence:

Personal journaling

Encourage students to write in a personal journal about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This is a great way for shy students to express themselves and to build their writing skills in a safe and private space.

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