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rob_whyte-fl2Hi everyone. I’m Rob Whyte, the brains behind this English writing and communication website.

I hope you find the ideas, lessons and worksheets useful. I really hope these materials help you become a better writer.

Professor. Writer. On-line wizard.

Here’s a little bit about me. I live in Busan, South Korea. I’m an English professor at a private university. My main teaching subjects are English conversation and composition. Sometimes, I teach politics to students who want to study in America, Australia or England. They are high level students but they need help with their writing. So, I teach them how to write a thesis statement, structure paragraphs and create proper academic essays.

I’m also a professional writer. I have written about a dozen books and articles. Travel and education are my main writing interests. In the past, I have published books and articles about business, culture, the environment and medicine. My writing has been published by international giants like Lonely Planet, The Independent (UK newspaper) and the American Academy of Pain Management.

Writing Samples

You may be asking yourself, “Is this Rob Whyte really a professional writer?”

The answer is, “Oh yes!”

Here are a few examples of my writing.

  • Online stories: Here are two South Korea travel essays I wrote for Lonely Planet in 2015: one about the city of Busan and the other about Jeju Island.
  • Books: I have written for three travel books by Lonely Planet. All of my work has been for Korea guidebooks. Here’s a link to the most recent book, which is for sale all over the world.
  • Articles: Here’s a travel story about Seoul, South Korea published in The Independent, a flashy newspaper in the UK.
  • Essays: I’ve written about 25 essays and articles to promote business. Here’s one white paper that was distributed through a client’s email marketing program.


That’s all about me. Come back to the website often. I add new English writing lessons and ideas every week.


38 thoughts on “About Rob”

  1. Excellent website Rob. Congratulations.. but like I said before none of this surprises me… Just the Rob I know.. Way to go buddy and keep it up!!!


  2. Thank you so much for the work you’ve put into this. I’ve been perusing your blog for 15 minutes and it is so well-constructed, easy to follow, and helpful that I know I will be a regular visitor. Well done.

  3. After you called me crocodile, I began to hate it (my nice green jaket). :)
    This site is very useful and good to supplement about contents of class. I can find new information about English.
    It was very interesting.
    See you tomorrow. ^^

  4. Thank you kind words Miss Baek.

    BTW, I didn’t mean to call you a crocodile. It was just a friendly expressions to say goodbye.
    See you later alligator.
    In a while crocodile.

  5. hey rob, like the site! will check it often for updates…..hopefully I can add some stuff myself if i get anything tasty!

  6. Hi, Rob!
    I’m Hyo Hui.
    I’m taking your class in PUFS.
    um.. Listening and speaking!
    I always thank for your kindness when I ask something.
    See ya!

  7. Rob,
    I lived in Korea when I was stationed in the Army in a small town close to the DMZ. I am very interested in returning and teaching English as a Second Language. I need some contact there though with whom I can get some info about salary ranges and, the importance of knowing the Korean language if one plans on teaching English there. I would also be interested in studying Korean history and performance art forms while I was living in Korea.
    I can be reached at hiler8@gmail.com and would welcome any information you wish to share.
    Thank You.

  8. Hi Rob!
    Your website is good for me to learn Enlish skills. Ocassionally, I entered this site and I look for various categories. I refered many useful sites in your home and replanted them in my own homepage ( http://www.stepkorea.com ). English is good language to get much informations from websites. Especially, I envy you because you can easily publish English books. On the other hand, I always don’t have a confirmation because I don’t know exactly right or wrong when I finished my sentences . I hope that you make a funny daily life.
    from K B S

  9. I am writing to make sure that I understand what your copyright means. If I were to link to our Moodle Com 11 course ( with the Vancouver, BC school board) for our students to access your paraphrasing material, would I be within the expectations of your site? Thank you, gail

  10. I have just stumbled across your site while searching for interesting ways to teach summary writing to ESL students–what a treasure trove this is! Thank you for your generosity. You are helping this new teacher beyond measure.

  11. Hi there, just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for your hard work on this site. I taught ESL in Seoul for about 7 years, and now I’m in Canada doing the same. I’m constantly on the hunt for new and interesting ways to teach writing skills to my advanced students. Thanks again!

  12. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for the good words. I agree the search for new material does seem endless. I hope you foudn a coupel of useful things here.



  13. Hello- whyte !!

    Do you remember me?
    I attended your lectures about speaking and writing in BUFS.
    I took a leave of absence during a year.
    When I came back,
    I wanted to take your lecture again in this semester.
    But It seems hard because of timetable. T.T

    If we meet by chance in the school , Let’s exchange greetings !!
    See you !

  14. Hello!

    As another longtime expat professor (currently in Suncheon) I’ve enjoyed looking through your site for ideas!

  15. Nice website Rob! Like the layout and details. It is very helpful.
    I am currently looking for a text and materials to improve ESL students’ e-mail and business correspondence skills.
    Any recommendations?


    Doug Russell

  16. Hellow teacher

    I’m listening about your lesson. It make me interesting. you show me how to study engilsh so my engilsh level is little up. English make me passion and me to speak another. Thank you teacher. and I’m sorry. I sent you a e-mail homework later.

    Kim gi gwan

  17. Rob,
    I would like to ask permission to use some of your suggestions, writing lessons, etc… in my ESL class.

  18. Hi Rob,
    I’ve just stumbled upon your site and it is a real treasure trove! So thanks a million!! :)
    However, I am particularly keen on seeking ideas for critical thinking, but I see that these three posts are password protected :( They are about the only three pages on this site that are passworded, so I gather there is good reason. Still, I would really appreciate any tips or ideas you can give me for teaching this element :) :)
    Thanks so much.

  19. Dear Rob,

    I’d like to thank you for the many useful resources on your website. It would be of more use to me if I could access some of those password-protected posts. Would you please kindly give me instructions on how to have a password, if it is at all possible? Thanks again.

  20. Hi Rob!
    This is Heidi Bay from www-really-learn-english.com. On behalf of the Really Learn English website on English teaching and learning, it is an honor to inform you that your blog ESL Writing was selected as a nominee for the Best English Blog Awards of 2013 Competition.
    We have reviewed more than 100 blogs from all over the world. The quality of the shortlisted blogs was extremely impressive, and after evaluating each of the qualifying blogs on the criteria of effectiveness, writing style, English teaching relevance and quality of information provided, the team of Really Learn English came to the consensus that your blog should advance into the next round as a nominee. CONGRATULATIONS!
    Your accomplishments as a blogger are appreciated and are important to the continued growth of the English Teaching community. We are excited about your research and work on lesson planning, video tutorials, exercises and your teacher training program. We enjoy seeing the variety of materials for students and teachers and how your site helps aspiring teachers in the ESL community. It sets new benchmarks for excellence and passion for teachers and students alike.
    For additional information about the competition, you can visit this link http://www.really-learn-english.com/best-english-blog-awards.html. It contains the contest’s scope and how you will be entered as nominee with a feature on our website.
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    Heidi Bay
    Really Learn English

  21. Hi, am new here-love your idea
    s-only glitch,I pay online with paypal.
    Would love to buy some of your e-books,but ………………………..Any chance of adding paypal to your payment methods in future?
    best wishes

  22. Hi Chris.

    Thanks for the email and your question.

    About Paypal, you can buy my ebooks with Paypal. No problem.
    Just click on the “Add to Cart” button.

    I hope that helps.



  23. Hi, again, thanks a big help.
    p.s I am a two-finger typist so
    very lazy regarding capitals :-(

  24. Hi,thanks have downloaded the Monster Pack and ,from what I have seen ,well worth it.
    I am sure it will be a great help .
    Will practice using thumb as well.

  25. I was looking through your basic English conversation and I keep seeing reference to a textbook. What textbook is this? I’m an EFL teacher and love your views on teaching!

    Thank you!

  26. Thanks for the kind words. Right now the textbook for the freshman conversation class is Touchstone 3. It’s not bad for a university class of students with a good understanding of grammar and so so ability to speak. The book has decent listening activities but parts can be dry so I need to supplement with lots of review and pair work activities.

  27. Hey Rob! First of all, this is a great website. This is my first time here, and I can’t believe I haven’t come across it before! haha!! I’ll be looking around on your site for some great ideas and/or resources to use for my classes. I teach an essay writing class to elementary fifth graders, and boy is it challenging!

    I’ve been teaching ESL here in South Korea for 8 years now and always love to find new blogs, authors, and other professionals to interact with. I run my own ESL web blog, and would love to collaborate with you on a few ideas or maybe a guest post if you’re willing. Keep up the great work!

  28. I thoroughly enjoy using your resources. My ESL pre elementary and pre intermediate students really engage with the topics and the activities. I do too! This is because they are creatively designed and a little quirky.

    Keep up the good work!

    PS: I bought your Monster Book : what a terrific toolbox it is! Adaptable and instantly usable for time poor teachers (me!) . Thank you again!

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