For English students and ESL teachers, here is a small but growing collection of links. These links provide a variety of useful resources related to student writing, teaching writing, English grammar as well material for ESL classrooms that build essay writing skills, English conversation activities and listening skills worksheets and videos.


Guide to Writing a Basic Essay.  A nice collection of writing instructions for ESL students learning to write essays. Great information for the 5 paragraph essay format.

Purdue Online Writing Lab. A terrific site filled with writing materials, worksheets and grammar rules, best suited for advanced level ESL students studying essay writing for university classes.

ESL Resources for Teachers

Expats Blog Info and advice for expats around the world.

Humanising Language Learning. Articles that might interest ESL teachers.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day: A mind-boggling collection of links and resources for English teachers.

Traci’s Lists of Ten: You’ll need to dig around a bit, but there are some great ESL lesson plan ideas on this site.

Pizzaz: It’s not packed with writing activities, but there are a few ESL writing lessons that work well. The poetry writing lesson is a fun writing activity that teaches students the power of adjectives. A good selection of classroom activities and worksheets plus tips for new teachers.

Vimeo: Awesome, professional quality videos. The collection is extensive, and growing, though not all videos are suitable for ESL lessons. Grab a coffee and start scanning. For a fast video lesson, one of my favorite video lessons is here: ESL-video-lesson.

ESL Resource Center: A decent collection of worksheets and lessons for ESL teachers.

Education for Life has stories by teachers who want to bring creative thinking to the classroom.

eflshorts has short stories that can help students improve their English reading skills and give them writing ideas.

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  1. Dear Mr Rob Whyte,

    I am the co-founder of, a free teaching material
    sharing site for language teachers.

    I’m recommending you a site that I’m sure your readers would find
    very useful, and I’m kindly asking you to link to us/mention us on your
    website in the blogroll or in the link section:

    In return, I have provided a backlink to your site on

    Here’s a short summary of who we are: is hosting the Internet Second Language
    Collective, a file-swapping community of ESL, FLE (French), ELE (Spanish)
    and DAF (German) teachers sharing free, downloadable language-teaching
    materials. All printables are originally created by our members, and are
    in fully editable doc/ppt formats. By July 2011 our
    resource library grew to over 8000 worksheets, and is growing fast by the
    day so it’s worth checking
    back every now and then.

    I am looking forward to receiving your kind reply.

    Yours truly,

    Peter Laszlo
    ESL teacher, Xantus High School, Budapest

  2. I like your website. I would like to put a link on my website to direct my visitors to your site.
    Could you add my website to yours as a link under the ESL Resources for Teachers?
    It is a book I just wrote, Get Them Talking! Complete Guide to ESL Tutoring (It is for sale on Amazon.) But if you go directly to the website you can read free chapters.
    I taught ESL for 25 years before writing the book Get Them Talking! I taught in the U.S. and in Japan. I married a former student, Dr. Fujioka. We live in Honolulu now.
    Let me know.
    Thank you. Kimberly Fujioka

  3. This might be an appropriate blog topic: Truth or Dare for English Language Learners is a great little classroom resource. Check it out here: Nice to have in the resource room for end of term, that nasty sub call-in gap or just good old-fashioned classroom fun. We call it: “Banter in a Box.”

  4. Rob – Here’s a site that may be of interest to you and your readers:

    Speech Peek

    Speaking and listening exercises and activites for ESL and TEFL.  Easily create exercises online and provide personalized feedback.

    “Speechpeek is a dream come true for an ESL teacher. I found it to be very easy to use, and it was an extremely effective way to assess my students’ pronunciation skills outside of the classroom. I’ve tried tape recorders in the past, but many students didn’t have one, or if they had one, they would lose the tapes. makes tape recorders unnecessary, and allows teachers to correct and improve their students’ pronunciation outside of the classroom.” – ESL Professor

  5. Dear English Teacher

    I used these links last spring (2013) to teach writing – the paraphrasing exercises were fantastic, i cannot find them on your site now? help!


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