Basic Writing: Week 12

ESL Writing Activities


Last week:

  • started writing assignment #6 (change in food consumption patterns)
  • started writing assignment #7 (Can money buy happiness?) – correlation or causation?

This Week

  • complete assignments #6 and #7
  • review quiz question
  • paraphrase writing worksheet
  • more about correlation and causation

Quiz #2 Review

You will have a quiz next week. The quiz will be short and have two parts.

Part 1 will ask you to read a one-page story and summarize the main ideas in one paragraph. This is similar to the summaries you wrote about shipping containers, twitter and popcorn.

Part 2 will have a few questions about paraphrasing. You will paraphrase a few sentences.

What can you do to study for the quiz? Complete the practice questions (below) and understand the basic template for a summary.

Learn Paraphrase Writing

One of the final skills to learn this semester is paraphrase writing. This helps students learn three things:

  • find the main idea
  • improve vocabulary comprehension
  • learn and practice sentence patterns

We will learn and practice 4 paraphrase writing skills. Some examples are below. Download this worksheet to get the practice questions.


  • Vancouver is an amazing city.
  • Vancouver is a wonderful city.

Active sentences

  • This homework was assigned by the teacher.
  • The teacher assigned this homework.


  • My mom helps sick people everyday. She is a nurse at the local hospital.
  • My mom, a nurse at the local hospital, helps sick people everyday.
  • My grandfather walks with Scotty every morning. Scotty is a black terrier.
  • My grandfather walks with Scotty, a black terrier, every morning.

Complex sentences

  • I was standing at the bus stop. I saw a car accident.
  • While standing at the bus stop, I saw a car accident.

More Correlation and Causation

We’ll spend a few minutes with more exercises to help you understand the difference between correlation and causation. This page contains several writing prompts to practice describing correlation and causation.

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