Learn English Sounds (2)

Here is the second pair work activity to help students pronounce and hear hard sounds.

Download the worksheet here: sort sounds.

You can see there are 30 words. Divide words into 3 groups.

Each groups has something in common. What is the common thing? My students have to find that out.

If you missed the first sound and sort ESL pair work activity, you can get that worksheet here.

Learn English Sounds (1)

This ESL conversation activity helps students improve their speaking and listening skills. It is a pair work activity that asks to ESL students to think and concentrate on word sounds.

Download the worksheet here: esl speaking worksheet.

Look at the words. There are 30 words. Divide the words into three groups. You must divide the words based on some common sounds.

Learn 30 Verbs

Here is a tip for basic level ESL students. Practice a lot and your English speaking will get better. That is a promise.

30 important verbs is a good place to start. Memorize these verbs by making questions and answers in the present and past tenses.

Here is the worksheet to help you improve English fluency: esl verb worksheet.