ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 2

This is week two of the conversation class. Here are some worksheets and activities for this week.


  1. Let’s do this in class. No need to download this worksheet.
  2. Next, we will do a quick pair work exercise to describe differences. It’s a little easy but the key point is to speak with a high degree of precision.
  3. Here is a short vocabulary exercise based on the New General Service list we looked at last week.
  4. This short pair work activity helps students help final sounds.

ESL Intermediate Conversation Week 1

Welcome back to a new and shiny campus. I hope you had a great winter vacation. Refreshed. Ready for another semester of learning and English conversation.

Welcome to the English class. I hope you enjoy your time here. Let’s begin by looking at the syllabus.


This verb worksheet has a list of important verbs that ESL students have to know and use well in basic conversation.

  1. Look at the verbs.
  2. Write 3 past tense questions and answers for each verb in your notebook
  3. Work with your partner (it’s a lot faster and more fun, I think).


Here is an ESL speaking activity that requires you to speak and think.

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