Table 7 – Short Film

Here is a short video which my students will watch and listen to in the classroom. It is about a couple and a mysterious man.

Watch the video and answer the questions.

  • Where are they?
  • What seems to be the problem?
  • What is the couple talking about?
  • Who is listening to their conversation?
  • What is he doing?
  • What equipment do you see?
  • What food does the couple get at the end of the meal?
  • What do they find?
  • What are the messages?
  • How is the ending a little surprising?

Table 7 – short film from Marko Slavnic on Vimeo.

Walking Straight Video

Here is an animation that describes a human mystery. This video was made by an American radio program called NPR.

Watch the video and answer these questions.

  • What is the mystery?
  • What happened in the first experiment?
  • What did a group of three people do?
  • What did someone ask the swimmer to do?
  • What happened to the car driver?
  • Describe some of the reasons which explain the answer to the mystery.

Friends – Thanksgiving

For our ESL listening class, we will watch and study an episode from Friends, the American TV show. This episode is called Thanksgiving.

You can download the first English listening worksheet  here: Friends-listening-worksheet-1.

Here is the listening worksheet for part 2 of the Friends video ESL classroom lesson: Friends-video-ESL-lesson.

The ESL worksheet to improve listening skills for the Friends video, part 3, is here: listening-skills-worksheet-3.

Friends: The Cake

This is the ESL listening worksheet for part 1: friends-video-lesson-cake.

This is the lesson worksheet with vocabulary and comprehension questions for part 2: friends-cake-part-2.

Vocabulary and comprehension questions for part 3: Friends-The Cake.

Friends: Ross is Fine

This is the ESL listening worksheet for Ross is Fine – part 1. Friends-video-lesson-1.

Friends: Princess Consuela

Here are some vocabulary and listening comprehension questions for this episode of Frends: esl-listening-worksheet.

Sesame Street – Food

Here is a cute Sesame Street video that shows a problem between two friends. It’s for kids, but the clever language structure works well for university students who want to improve their listening skills.

Watch and listen to the video and then answer these comprehension questions.

  • What food and drink do they have?
  • What are the food’s ingredients?
  • What is the problem?
  • How does the one Muppet solve the problem?