Teach Essential Writing Skills


Become a Better Writing Teacher

Focus student learning on four essential writing skills:

  • Fluency
  • Proficiency
  • Style
  • Inquiry-based reasoning

Why buy this ebook?

You want to ….

  • help intermediate+ EFL students write with greater clarity, accuracy and logic
  • bring a systematic, yet creative approach to the classroom
  • cut prep time

Ebook Specs

The small file size, less than 6 mb, means you can carry the ebook on a USB. The layout is designed for teachers who like to display material on a classroom projection screen, but it works well for those who like print outs, too.

  • Publication date: January 11, 2016
  • ISBN: 9788998531041 15740
  • 22 lessons and 94 pages in one pdf file
  • Ready to print – formatted for A4 and 8.5 x 11 inch paper
  • Lessons, student worksheets, instructor notes and answer keys included

Free Samples

Click HERE to open a pdf file with a 20-page sample from the ebook.

 Focus on Skills

Each writing activity has a specific instructional objective. No fillers here. Teach well and your students will:

  • write faster and with more accuracy
  • learn simple techniques to write interesting passages
  • use a four step framework that leads to well-reasoned arguments

Boxed information on each lesson page gives you a snap shot of the objective along with approximate lesson time (it depends on a lot of variables) and required resources. appositive-page-small-2


Teach With Imagination

Language-focused teaching can be dry … but it doesn’t have to be. Here is an example from the ebook (Lesson 6). It blends problem solving, vocabulary control and grammar rules for articles. It is based on an old puzzle about a man who wants to cross a river with three things. Students put the pictures in order and then write the story with two restrictions: use synonyms for the verb move and use articles correctly. boat-puzzle1

About the Author

Originally from Canada, Rob Whyte is a long-time writer and EFL teacher based in South Korea. He teaches at a university where his course load typically includes English conversation and composition classes plus an eclectic mix of content courses like teaching methodology, cross cultural communication and political science. With a decade of teacher trainer experience, he has helped hundreds of public school teachers improve their language skills by developing and leading composition, critical thinking, and extensive reading training modules.

In his free time, Rob runs a small ebook publishing house that develops classroom resources for EFL teachers and occasionally writes about Korean travel and food for Lonely Planet.


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Another ebook resource.

Cut your lesson prep time with this 240-page collection of ESL resources that stimulate language learning and critical thinking: awesome pair work speaking activities, logic puzzles, trivia, word games and much more. Simplify your lesson planning because teaching should be a joy, not a chore.


A totally free resource.

Here’s another teaching resource: a collection of graded listening stories. Based on the idea of extensive listening, these short stories help students become more fluent listeners.

There are five levels of stories, from easy to challenging. The stories are graded based on high frequency words (the New General Service List).

The lessons are totally free and designed for use on a smartphones (they also work well on desktop computers).

A great in-class or independent study resource.