ESL Conversation Intermediate, Spring, Week 12

It’s week 12 for the second year English conversation class. 

Weekly Plan

  • review for quiz #2 (next week)
  • textbook reading and listening

What did we do last week?

  • poster presentation
  • passive sentences
  • silent syllables

Hour 1

Attendance and review (5)

Textbook homework

Touchstone online listening files

Page 24 Manners HW (10)

  • listen and check the answers
  • listen again

Page 25 #2 verb + ing and infinitive HW (15)

  • check the answers in A questions
  • pair work B and C

Page 26 #2 verb + ing and infinitive HW (10)

  • listen and read
  • underline unknown words
  • listen again
  • check vocabulary
  • check the answers in D

Page 28 proverbs HW (10)

  • check the answers in C questions
  • any similar proverbs in other cultures
  • any other proverbs?

Page 29 #2 (10)

  • listen
  • number the proverbs

Hour 2

Page 30-31 review HW (15)

  • check the answers in 1 and 2 questions
  • name a few good and bad manners in other countries

Quiz #2 Review (5)

  1. 64 words and phrases (expect definition questions, word scramble, synonyms)
  2. change sentences into passive form (page 23)
  3. write a few sentences  (pages 24, 25, 142) based on my word prompts (e.g. hold hands, show affection, take off shoes, tip taxi drivers, talk on cell phone in class, point at people, give a gift, cut in line)
  • write 2-3 sentences about good and bad manners in different countries with IT’S ……
  • write 2-3 sentences about good and bad manners in different countries with verb+ing

For example:

  • kiss in public
  • It’s not appropriate to kiss in public in Korea.
  • Kissing in public in Korea is not okay.

Pair work (Hint game) (30)


  • study for quiz

Hour 3

Attendance and review (5)

Touchstone online listening files

Pair work – New Words (25)

  • look at the vocabulary sheet
  • sort the words into three groups
  • then complete the second task


  • study for quiz

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