ESL Conversation Intermediate, Spring, Week 3

ESL Conversation Lessons

It’s week 3 for the intermediate English conversation class, spring 2017. Have you ever been to Tongyeong?

Weekly Plan

  • free style thinking and speaking
  • book report – coming soon
  • textbook – listening and reading
  • present perfect practice
  • finish word hunt vocabulary worksheet
  • talk about a TV show and tell a funny story

Quick Review of Last Week

  • Odd One Out – find the different thing
  • verb tense review
  • drill tenses with a picture prompt
  • 3 kinds of verb structures (verb + infinitive, verb + gerund, verb + particle + verb ING)


Check homework

  • page 5 #2
  • page 6

ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

Attendance and review book report project time. (5)

Which one is better? (15)

  • Purpose: to explain ideas with two or three good reasons
  • What to do: Make a question and ask your partner to choose one and explain why it is better.
  • How to describe which is better?
  • think about cost, quantity, quality, taste, health, comfort, atmosphere, meaning
  1. cats or dogs
  2. winter or summer
  3. ice cream or sulbing
  4. books or computers
  5. rice or bread
  6. McDonald’s or Lotteria
  7. pizza or sandwich
  8. spicy rice cake or pajeon
  9. coffee or green tea
  10. up or down

Page 5, Part 2 (15)

  • check answers
  • pair work – ask partner questions from 2A

Touchstone online listening files

Page 6, Part 1A, 1B and 1C (15)

  • read and listen
  • listen with no book
  • shadow listening
  • listen for change in verb tense – to present tense for emphasis

Page 6, Part 1D (5)

  • read and listen
  • listen with no book
  • change verbs in sentences

Hour 2

Negative Questions (5)

A few notes about how to answer negative questions.

Pair work conversation (25)

This conversation activity helps you practice the present perfect. You have a speaking worksheet with many things. (or pdf file)

For each thing, think of two different questions you could make with the present perfect. Write one past participle in each box. Then ask your partner a question with one of these. Be sure to ask follow up questions.

This slide show explains the exercise.

Page 7, Part 2 (10)

  • this and these in conversation
  • retell story in box by replacing articles with this or these
  • tell a friend a funny story with this and these

Page 7, Part 3 (10)

  • review questions before listening
  • listening 2 times
  • answer questions with partner

Homework for next class (5)

  • read story page 8 and answer questions
  • make long answer for 1A on page 8
  • make a story about one TV show (1-2 minutes)

Hour 3

Page 8 (15)

  • check answers 1C
  • tell a story about a TV show

Worksheets (10)

Page 9 2A (10)

  • listen to story one time
  • answer questions
  • listen one more time

Page 9 2B (10)

  • think about a big challenge you faced
  • tell a story to your partner

Homework for next class (5)

  • page 10 review questions 1 and 2
  • finish reading book
  • start writing book report

Extra Stuff

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