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My ebooks provide ESL and EFL teachers with high quality resources that make learning fun and productive. Great for conversation and writing classes, the lesson ideas, printable worksheets and activities are suitable for high beginner and up students.


Teach Essential Writing Skills

Each of the 22 lessons in this 95-page ebook comes with a clear learning objective. Taken together, the lessons focus on improving four essential skills: fluency; proficiency, style and inquiry-based reasoning.

The overall goal is to elevate student writing to the point where they can describe things well and express ideas persuasively with a four-step critical thinking framework:

  • define a question
  • collect evidence
  • establish warrants
  • form a conclusion

The final lesson in the ebook brings all of the skills together into a simulated business email role play. The objective is to respond to a customer’s request for information with facts from a data sheet and a clear recommendation. Everything the teacher needs to run the lesson is included.

Customer Comments

“Thank you also for all the amazing resources you have created (I purchased both The Monster Pack and Teach Essential Writing Skills). Your ideas and activities are great and my students really enjoy them.” Aida, Canada

“Thank you so much.  I adore your materials!  Well done.” Tracy, USA

“Thank you, Rob. Congratulations on producing such a fine text!.” Anne, Canada

Download a Sample from Teach Essential Writing Skills: 

Click HERE to open a 20-page pdf file.

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“Love your teaching resources!” Leila, USA

Another Great Teaching Resource 


The Monster Pack

Revamp your teaching tools.

With 240 pages of pair work ideas, logic puzzles, vocabulary games, writing exercises, sponge activities and trivia, there’s a language focused student activity for almost any teaching setting.

This ebook contains:

  • 36 activities for different learning objectives, like skills-based writing, word games, pair work discussions, and more. (89 pages)
  • 160 logic puzzles and word games that get your students thinking, speaking and problem solving. (54 pages)
  • 480 trivia questions for high beginners and up. Written for ESL students around the world, these questions work great in a fluency building trivia game that pits two teams against each in friendly competition. (96 pages)


“I just print off the different materials and take them to class, I use these books in all of my classes and I’ve had nothing but great feedback from my students.” Josh, South Korea

“I love your resources. My students loved the trivia I used while I was in Brazil. As I look for more ESL teaching opportunities, I will continue to use your activities and books! Please keep making these amazing resources!!” Michelle, USA

“Thank you a lot for the materials provided. I used some of them and there were excellent in the class and the students were so motivated.” Kaouther, Tunisia

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“Just bought it. Great book!”  Maria, Brazil

Get a Free Monster Pack Sample: Click HERE and for a 15-page file.

About the Author

Originally from Canada, Rob Whyte is a long-time writer and EFL teacher based in South Korea. He teaches at a university where his course load typically includes English conversation and composition classes plus an eclectic mix of content courses like teaching methodology, cross cultural communication and political science. With a decade of teacher trainer experience, he has helped hundreds of public school teachers improve their language skills by developing and leading composition, critical thinking, and extensive reading training modules.

In his free time, Rob runs a small ebook publishing house that develops classroom resources for EFL teachers and occasionally writes about Korean travel and food for Lonely Planet.