ESL Teacher’s Classroom Toolbox

Teach English with multi-skill activities that help ESL students learn English.Are your favorite activities getting tired?

Maybe it’s time for a quick refresher.

Most English teachers have a go-to list of favorite classroom activities. The tried and tested word games, pair work activities and conversation worksheets that always work well and help students learn English. Eventually, it’s time for a change. Something new and invigorating.

That’s what this ebook does for ESL teachers. Freshen up your teaching repertoire with 36 multi-skill activities that prepare you for the demands of just about any ESL classroom situation.

  • 9 SKILLS-BASED WRITING ACTIVITIES. No boring five-paragraph essay questions here. These activities engage creative thinking and build specific composition skills.
  • 9 SPONGE ACTIVITIES. Ready to use teaching resources when you have an expected gap. This ain’t no filler: educate, stimulate and motivate with a mix of puzzles, discussion exercises, video lessons and a dash of inspiration.
  • 9 WORD GAMES AND PUZZLES. No hangman here. These worksheets help ESL students learn vocabulary with a focus on high frequency words while expanding their imagination and improving fluency.
  • 9 PAIR WORK (AND MORE) ACTIVITIES. Generate loads of meaningful input and output and, occasionally, provide students with motivation. Great for pairs, small groups and large classes.


It’s $5.99 USD. Is that a lot? Well, how much does a latte and scone cost? With this ebook, you get hours of low prep classroom exercises that actually help your students learn English. And you? You get to feel good about your contribution to student improvement and save time by not scouring the web looking for fun activities in between Facebook updates.

But with Paypal or a credit card. After payment has been confirmed, you get instant access. I send you a message and you download the pdf file. Here’s my promise. Try it risk free for 7 days. If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund.

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About the Author

Originally from Canada, Rob Whyte is a long-time resident of Busan, South Korea. A very, long time actually. A battle-hardened veteran of Korea’s ESL industry, he’s taught every kind of student – from cranky pre-kindergarten kids to cranky high school English teachers – over the past two decades or so, though most of his teaching experience is with elementary and middle school children as well as university students. Rob is a published author in the travel and tourism field and has written for international companies like Lonely Planet. He also writes ebooks for ESL teachers.

Here are two short stories he (uh, I) wrote for Lonely Planet about travel in South Korea:

A Note for Customers in China

Chinese firewalls might prevent you from downloading the pdf file. No worries. Buy the ebook and if you can’t download the file, send me a message. After confirming payment, I will send you the file by e-mail.


Sample pages

More Details

Great value for English teachers looking to quickly upgrade their assets. You get:

  • 36 classroom-tested activities
  • Teacher notes with answer keys and suggested hints
  • Worksheets to copy or display on classroom projectors
  • Free access to supplementary resources – links to online videos and other materials
  • 89 pages in total
  • 1 pdf file formatted for A4 printing
  • ISBN 978-89-98531-03-4
  • Published by ESL Publications. Written by Rob Whyte, a battle hardened classroom warrior with 16 years’ teaching experience in South Korea.

What student level?

All of the activities are suitable for students at the intermediate level, or higher. Most activities can be adjusted to meet the needs of high beginners. I’ve used these activities in mixed-level university classes with great success. My younger students in elementary and middle school – the ones who tend to be advanced for their age – love these activities, too.

High frequency words

Vocabulary is a big part of language learning. The vocabulary set required to understand the questions and to generate typical answers was compared with the 2818 words in the New General Service List. Based on this comparison, students who complete all 36 activities will learn and/or review 910 high frequency words – approximately 33% – in the New General Service List.


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  •  ESL Teacher’s Classroom Toolbox – 36 activities ($5.99 value)

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