ESL Teaching Materials: Paragraph Editing Practice Questions

Learn English Writing: Paragraph Editing

Paragraph editing is an important skill that ESL students need to learn in the English writing class. Like almost any activity, it takes practice in order to get good at it.

Here are three paragraph editing practice questions that work well with intermediate+ level students.

Paragraph Editing Practice Questions


Show students one or more editing questions. There are two main sets of errors to be corrected:

  • Add punctuation to create sentences.
  • Fix the errors (i.e. spelling, subject verb agreement, verb tense, sentence structure and paragraphs).
  • Add a line to divide the text into two separate paragraphs. Students do not need to add sentences to complete this task.

The questions and suggested answers for the paragraph editing practice questions are available on this pdf file.

Practice Question 1

what’s the lattest fade in sport drone racing popular with technology geeks and thrill seekers drone racing combined virtual reality technology with video game competition the history of drone racing starting in 2014 instead of flying drones aroand a field amateur flyers were deciding to have fun by organizing races small cameras on the drones allowed flyers to record and uplood races as video clips of racing drones spread in social midia interest in the sport growed

Practice Question 2

the red chili peper probably first started to grow in Mexico the aztecs and mayas eated red peppers and used them as a drugs to help sick people red pepers movement started with christopher Columbus in 1492 he visit a small iceland near mexico called the dominican republic he tooked red chili peppers back to spain but not much happened after that some people grow peppers in gardens because they looked interested but it was not considered food in time someone discovered that peppers make food teste goodly

Practice Question 3

smartphones werent common during about ten years ago before smartphones mobile phones were using to made calls and send text massages the first smartphone was the IBM Simon it was on sail in 1992 it was a simple fersion of the smartphone we saw today the Simon was a mobile fone with a touching screen that could sand and received emails and faxes in 1997 the Swedish company Ericsson make a new pone it was called the “smartphone” that was how the word “smartphone” started soon many companies start making smartphones nokia made the first phone with the colored sreen sony made the first smartphone with the camera

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