ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W11

It’s week 11 of the ESL writing class. Time to learn about correlations.

ESL Writing Class Hour 1

Free Writing (10)

Take 10 minutes and write about anything in your personal notebook.


Writing Class Schedule (5)

Here is a list of things you need to finish do before the end of the semester.

  • Week 13: Book report. Due in class. Late reports not accepted. 
  • Week 13: Quiz #2 
  • Week 14: Review 
  • Week 15: Reading week
  • Week 16: Final Exam 


Week 11 Nov 12 to Nov 16

Writing Skills

  • Practice explaining cause and effect connections.

Thinking Skill and Writing Assignment

  • correlation versus causation
  • finding patterns in data 
  • Writing #3: can money buy happiness?
  • create the pattern and explain the change with an argument


Week 12 Nov 19 to Nov 23

Thinking Skill and Writing Assignment

  • more data and patterns
  • summarize data patterns and change
  • Writing #4 Korea food patterns
  • create the pattern and explain the change with an argument


What did we do last week? (5)

  • analogies, metaphors, and similes
  • Writing #2: watch video, describe hypothesis, explain connections

 Describe Cause and Effect Connections (25)

This slide show explains several important critical thinking concepts. It also has soem practice questions and examples that will help you finish Writing Tasks #2 and #3.


ESL Writing Class Hour 2-3

Writing Task Introduction (15)

This slide show explain a few concepts. It also describes the next writing task.



Data Sets

Here are the data sheets that students need for this exercise.


What’s that Picture?

The cover picture is a fiddle head. It’s a kind of plant. 

It has a special shape. It is called a vortex. That pattern is also found in space. 

That is the movement of our solar system.

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