ESL Writing Freshmen 2018 Week 4

It’s the 4th week of the semester. Time to catch up on writing and editing.

Hour 1

1 Introduction (5)

Summary of Writing Skills 

  1. Show me, don’t tell me (more descriptive)
  2. Sentences with prepositional phrases (lots of information)
  3. Sentence Variety. Use 1-2-3-4 rule (good style)
  4. Interesting first sentence.
  5. Complex sentences

What did we do last week? 

We learned writing skill #5, complex sentences.

Up Coming Quiz 

This is week 4 of the semester. During week 6, you will have a quiz. The quiz is worth 10%. I will give you a study paper to help you prepare next week.

2 Personal Writing: Free Writing (10)

Spend 10 minutes writing in your personal journal. 

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. In fact don’t even use an eraser. Just write.  I will write a word or phrase on the board to prompt your imagination, but you don’t have to stay on that topic. This writing stays in your personal journal; I will not be reading it.

3 Writing Activity: Practice Complex Sentence (30)

Let’s review the writing skill we learned last week: complex sentences.

We will do a quick review exercise and then expand that knowledge by making a small change to the complex sentence. This writing skill will make your writing easier to understand and a little stylish.

Get the lesson worksheet here.

Lesson Review

Want to review the key parts of the lesson at home? Here is a summary of the lesson posted on YouTube.


Hours 2-3

The plan for this class:

  • free writing 
  • fluency drill (complex sentence with one subject)
  • editing 
  • a controlled witting exercise with picture prompts 

1 Free Writing (10)

Spend 10 minutes writing in your personal journal. Don’t worry about mistakes. Just create.

2 Fluency Drill (15)

We will do another fluency writing drill to practice and relearn complex sentence construction. After we finish this exercise, take 10 minutes to edit your work. Find the mistakes, make the sentences better, and hand in for feedback.

This is writing activity #6. 

3 Editing Practice #2 (20)

Editing is a great way to help you see – or notice – errors in text. If you learn to find the mistakes in other people’s writing, you should be able to find the errors in your writing. 

I will give you two passages with instructions on paper. Find the mistakes. Rewrite the text.

The ESL editing questions are here. Self check the answers.

4 Controlled Writing Activity (45)

This will be the last writing assignment before the midterm exam. Writing assignment #7 is a short writing activity because the key points are accuracy and style.

It is a controlled writing activity because students must do something specific. The student is not free to write whatever he or she wants.

In this activity, you must do two things for each picture (I will give you the pictures in class):

  • write a long complex sentence with the same subject and verb+ing phrase in the dependent clause
  • only mention the subject once 
  • follow that long sentence with a short sentence in order to create contrast

The two sentences together must be connected in some way. They are one idea.

Here is an example:

After renting a hanbok, many tourists walk around the Hanok Maeul dressed like a queen or king and imagine what life might have been like 500 years ago inside an ancient palace. Then they take a selfie.

I can tell you right now that this type of question will be on the midterm exam.

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