Graduate Writing Class Spring 2017 Week 7

ESL Writing Class

This is 7th week of the semester. Quiz this week.

Work Plan – Week 7

  1. previous creative writing activities are now complete
  2. we are now into second section of the semester, which means our writing will focus on argument analysis and evaluation
  3. review midterm exam questions
  4. have a quiz

Other stuff

  1. extra resources
  2. story analysis
  3. feedback

ESL Writing Activities

Hour 1

Attendance and review (5)

Extra Resources (5)

Writing and learning

ESL Class Homework for Next Week (5)

  • get ready for the midterm exam

Text analysis (10)

  • Comments on reading  homework
  • What can we learn from this text?
  • Can you see any elements of the 6+1 writing traits in this story?

Midterm Exam Review (40)

These questions will help you prepare for the midterm exam. The exam is short – just 50 minutes – so you will need to come to the test prepared. To print the ESL writing exam questions, open this pdf file.

1  Key Terms

This question checks your knowledge of basic terms related to writing.

Write one sentence for each prompt.

  • a negative sentence with a conjunction
  • a prepositional  phrase
  •  a phrasal verb
  • two adjectives and an infinitive

2  Conventions

This question checks your ability to recognize and correct basic errors in text. You will read a short paragraph. Rewrite the paragraph and fix the errors.

Here is an example (the test question will use a different story, but will be similar to this one in length and style).

John muir was born in scotland at 1838. He lived with his family in the small coastal town and begined his education in a local school. When John was elevn he moved with his family to the amercia they lived on a farm in new york and John soon began to help with the farm chores. When he had free time he loved to walked with his younger brother through the woods.

3  Paragraph Organization

This question checks your ability to write a single paragraph about one idea.

Write exactly one paragraph to answer the question. The paragraph should have an argument with two or three premises; use the sentence pattern we learned in class. There should also be a short conclusion at the end of the paragraph.

In addition to the 6+1 writing traits, your answer will be graded on the argument clarity and text cohesion.

Here are two questions. One of these (I will choose) will be on the mid-term exam.

  1. Some people prefer to cook at home. Other people prefer to eat out. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology has made the world a better place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


What was your worst job?

The time I spent on an apple farm was the worst job I ever had because of the WORK, PAY and CONDITIONS. WORKING on THE ORCHARD was physically hard. Each day, I picked up heavy boxes and put THEM on a truck. Each box weighed 20 kilograms SO I was tired at the end of the day. TO PAY for university tuition, I worked 10 hours per day but it was hard to save money BECAUSE the hourly pay was so low. In fact, I earned only 4000 won per hour. DURING the summer, the work conditions were bad. We had only to two ten-minute breaks and an unpaid half hour for lunch. Even though the temperature was more than 36 degrees the workers could not take an extra break BECAUSE the manger always yelled at the workers. In addition, if anyone ate an apple he or she was fired. FOR THESE REASONS, working on an apple farm during the summer was the worst job I ever had. I hope I never have to do that again.

4  Rewrite A Previous Story

This question checks your ability to write an error-free text which puts the 6+1 writing traits into practice.

Rewrite one story that you worked on in class (I will choose which one). The writing will be scored according to the 6+1 writing traits (i.e. idea, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and presentation).  This section will be graded strictly because you have written several drafts with feedback.

Please note that you have to remember the story; no outside paper can be used during the exam.

Write the short story (minimum 3 paragraphs, maximum 2 pages single-sided) about:

  • Room 8 (summary with a description of the message)
  • Creative story based on a picture prompt (great first sentence, organizational flow)

5  Parallel Structure

This question checks your ability to write a sentence with parallel structure. This is especially useful when writing argument sentences.

Here is an example of a sentence that does not have parallel structure.

  • Mary likes cooking, skating and to ride a motorcycle.

Here is an example of a question prompt: middle school girl hobbies

  • Many middle school girls enjoy eating ice cream, shopping for new pencils and chatting online.

Write one sentence for each prompt. Some, or all, of these will be on the exam.

  • The meaning of life
  • An experience at a hotel
  • Redecorating or rearranging a room
  • a person’s character
  • a person’s job
  • what you did on a trip

Time Management (minutes)

  • Part 1 – 3
  • Part 2 – 10
  • Part 3 – 7
  • Part 4 – 15
  • Part 5 – 3

Total 38 minutes estimated

Quiz (40)

  • have a quiz.

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