Help with English Words

Learning English vocabulary is one of the fastest ways to improve your writing skills. Better words make better sentences and paragraphs.

English Vocabulary Help

Memorizing English vocabulary is okay. But it is not useful if you can’t remember the words when you need them. When students ask for help, I encourage them to use word games and vocabulary builders. These activities keep words fresh in your memory.

Learn Common Words by Syllables

This word game helps your vocabulary power by looking at words based on their syllables. A syllable is the number of beats a word has. For example, ‘dog’ has one syllable; ‘pencil’ ‘has two syllables.

Worksheet Lesson Page

In this lesson, write a list of nouns, verbs and adjectives with one, two and three syllables.

Download the syllable lesson page here. If you can finish the page, you will have a list of 45 words. Some words may be old to you. But, you may have to spend time with a dictionary to finish the list.

Photo credit: soholife.english.

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