Intermediate Writing, Spring, Week 11

ESL writing Class

This is the 11th week in the English writing class.

Attendance and review (5)

Last week

  • no classes because of two holidays

Two weeks ago

  • warrants
  • three ways to make a warrant and persuade people: logos, pathos and ethos (problem with computer for this part)

This Week

  • remember the book report (due May 26)
  • review warrants
  • inquiry method of learning, thinking and writing
  • two new writing assignments
  • feedback on past writing (#1 electric car and #2 alligator river)

Schedule (10)

  • Week 11: May 10 and 12 – class (inquiry method)
  • Week 12: May 17 and 19 – class (hypothesis and argument) quiz #2
  • Week 13: May 24 and 26 – class (last new writing assignment, how to write an email) book report due
  • Week 14: May 31 and June 2 – class (last day to hand in writing for feedback)
  • Week 15: June 7 last class (exam review)
  • Week 16: June 9 FRI and 14 WED no classes (make up week)
  • Week 17: June 16 – final exam

Key Dates

  • May 19 – quiz
  • May 26 – book report due
  • June 2 – last day to hand in writing for feedback
  • June 7 – last class


Hour 1

Attendance and review (5)

Quick review of some student writing, and general comments.

Logos, pathos and ethos (10)

  • review the slide show about warrants
  • review examples of logos, pathos and ethos (last time the computer did not work)

Introduction to inquiry method of thinking and writing (10)

  • brings together arguments and warrants and special way of seeing information


Presentation about Inquiry Method of Learning (20)

Writing Assignment 1: Murder Scene

Click here for the murder picture.

  • Queenie and her husband Arthur.
  • Yesterday, they had an argument. She left the house and met friends in a bar. Arthur went to a different bar.
  • She said she left the bar about 1am and asked her friends to come to her house for a drink.
  • She said she arrived home at 1:30 am. Her friends got to her house about 10 minutes later, about 1:40 am.
  • When the friends arrived, she opened the door and looked shocked. She said something bad happened.
  • Her husband fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink—he still had the glass in his hand.
  • She called the police.
  • The police report said he died from a head injury and he was drunk when he died.

Do you believe here?


  1. Question
  2. Data
  3. Warrants
  4. Probable Conclusion/Argument

Writing assignment #3

  • write a report which looks at 2 or 3 pieces of information in the picture
  • analyse that information with the inquiry method
  • make a conclusion about the woman based on this information


Hours 2-3

Attendance and review (5)

Writing assignments so far:

  1. analysis and evaluation of electric car commercial
  2. death of husband
  3. alligator river

Two assignments this week

  • death for dinner
  • living small

Practice: Death for Dinner  (20)

  • Here is a restaurant crime scene.
  • Early this evening, the police heard a gunshot inside Ernie’s restaurant.
  • The police found the dead body of body of a famous gangster.
  • Ernie, the owner and only employee, said: “The murderer leaned against the wall while firing his gun. There is a hand print on the wall.
  • The last number on the cash register was $8.75.

Who killed the guy?

Writing Assignment #4: Live Small  (30)

Click here get the writing lesson:

  • watch a short video
  • write analysis of the man’s arguments and information based on the inquiry method


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