Intermediate Writing, Spring, Week 12

This is week 12 of the English writing class.

ESL Writing Class

Attendance and review (5)

Last week

  • inquiry method of thinking and writing
  • murder mystery writing assignment
  • writing assignment based on TED Talk live small video

Writing Assignments So far

  • analysis and evaluation of the electric car TV advertisement – argument and warrants
  • alligator river (who is the best and worst person) – argument and warrants
  • murder mystery – inquiry method
  • live small analysis


  • Week 12: May 17 and 19 – class (hypothesis and argument), quiz review material
  • Week 13: May 24 and 26 – last new assignment, how to write an email, book report due, quiz #2, complete before and after assignment
  • Week 14: May 31 and June 2 – class (last day to hand in writing for feedback)
  • Week 15: June 7 last class (exam review)
  • Week 16: June 9 FRI and 14 WED no classes (make up week)
  • Week 17: June 16 – final exam

Quiz Review

You will have a short writing quiz next week. The main purpose of this quiz is to check your understanding of arguments and warrants.

The quiz will have three parts:

1 Write an argument and warrant

Look at the words in each question. Combine the words to create a claim. Then use your imagination and intelligence to add a premise in order to create an argument. Then add a warrant to make the argument stronger and more persuasive. For example:

  • Mrs Jones – innocent – murder Mr Black
  • in a different city (premise)
  • Mrs Jones is innocent and did not murder Mr Black because she was in a different city at the time of the murder. Everybody knows you have to be physically in the same city in order to kill someone.

2. Kinds of persuasion

We looked at three kinds of persuasion in the class. Write arguments about why people should buy an electric car: one argument for each kind persuasion.

3. Editing

You will read a short text with some errors – mostly spelling, grammar and punctuation. Read the text, find the errors and then rewrite the text with the mistakes fixed.

Today’s Writing Lesson

This lesson builds on previous work. We have we done so far?

  • arguments
  • warrants
  • inquiry method

Today, we add one more tool to your thinking and writing toolbox: the hypothesis statement.

Part 1 Review Basic Ideas and Terms (10)

Part 2 Analyze Data and Generate a Hypothesis (15)

Look at the information in this data chart and answer the questions.

  1. What are the main variables?
  2. What hypothesis might describe these relationships?
  3. What argument could be used to explain these relationships?
  4. What warrant might be helpful to make the argument stronger?


Part 3 Pull the Skills Together (15)

Here is the last new writing assignment.

Watch the short video and make notes. Then answer the questions.

  1. What is the speaker’s main hypothesis?
  2. What are the main variables?
  3. How does he operationalize the variables?
  4. What is the speaker’s argument to explain these changes?

Writing Assignment (60)

Consider this assignment the denouement of your effort and achievement in the class. It should showcase your ability to write a well-organized and thoughtful analysis based on the 6+1 writing traits.

Here are some particulars to guide your thinking.

  1. Summarize the speaker’s hypothesis. Provide a few details and examples to make the points clear and easy to understand.
  2. Evaluate the hypothesis by writing an argument based on abductive reasoning to support the claim of a cause and effect relationship.
  3. Support the argument with warrants.
  4. Provide evidence, examples and details to demonstrate your points (e.g. premises).
  5. Probably 1-3 pages in length.



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