Learn English Conversation: Week 13

Teaching English conversation skills with lessons from eslwriting.org.

Learn English Conversation Skills

Here is the plan for this week – the last week of new material – to help ESL students learn English conversation skills:

  1. return the quiz #2 (Friday class) and check the answers
  2. review – describing things and people – with like and look like
  3. various fluency building speaking activities

Quick Review

Part A

Last week we learned how to use words/phrases with like and look.

  • First, identify which kind of questions they are. (last week we learned four kinds of questions.)
  • Second, ask your partner these questions.
  1. What do you like eating for supper?
  2. What is Busan like?
  3. What does your brother or sister look like?
  4. What is the weather in Busan like?
  5. Do you like fast food?
  6. What does your best friend look like?
  7. Would you like to live in England?
  8. Which actor or actress do you look like?
  9. Do you like fruit or vegetables more?
  10. Which Korean movie do you like?

Part B

Look at these pictures and describe them to your partner. Then show the picture to your partner and ask, “Was it a good description?”

Conversation Activities

We will do three different kinds of conversation activities.

  • short sentences with many follow up questions
  • fast vocabulary memory
  • murder mystery game



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