Learn English Writing: From Paragraphs to Short Essays

So far, the ESL students have completed many paragraph writing assignments. The learning objectives were to look at a table of data, find the most important ideas and write a well structured paragraph.

That means, a paragraph with a good topic sentence, supporting ideas and an conclusion.


The English composition students looked at different sets of food consumption data for Korea and other countries: fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods like grains. Those data tables are here: ESL writing lesson raw data.

Now it is time to put to the whole thing together. The assignment today is to write a five paragraph essay. Here is the writing plan.

  • 1st paragraph: introduce subject with main idea (topic sentence).
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs. Each paragraph talks about a different kind of food. Each paragraph provides reasons,evidence and details that support or prove your main idea.
  • 5th paragraph. Write a short summary of your main idea. Provide some social and economic reasons that might explain why the changes and trends happened.

Now you have a nice, neat short essay which examines how Korean food consumption patterns have changed over the past three decades.



Last week, the ESL students did not have time to read and solve this puzzle. So, here it is again.

Read the puzzle and write your answer. For this logic puzzle, your answer will be 4 or 5 sentences.

Upstairs, there is a room with one light, one door and one chair. Downstairs, there are three light switches – A, B and C. One switch is connected to the light in the upstairs room.

How can you find out which switch is connected to the upstairs light?

You can enter the upstairs room one time. There are no windows and it is impossible to see inside the room unless you open the door. Turn the switches on and off as much as you like.

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