Learn English Writing, Basic Class: Week 12

Teach English writing skills with activities that help ESL students write descriptive stories. eslwriting.org.


To help ESL students learn English writing skills and prepare for the end of the semester, here is the plan for this week

  1. finish re-writing Seconds and change stories
  2. check answers for chapter 5 and 6 in the textbook
  3. write a new story that describes a place
  4. complete quiz #2

Writing Task: Describe a Place

At the beginning of the semester, each ESL student write a short story about a place. The purpose of that exercise was to show each student his or her writing level. Now it is time to write another descriptive story of a place. This story will show us if the student’s writing improved or not.

Here is the process.

  1. Read the short story about a subway in this worksheet.
  2. Look closely at the verbs the writer uses to help us understand the place.
  3. This is a good example of an old writing rule: don’t tell me about the subway, show me the subway with words.
  4. Now you pick a place. Any place and describe it.
  5. Now it’s your turn to write. You will write a one paragraph story.

More Articles Practice

Read the sentences. Add a/an/the or nothing. Get the answers here.

Part 1

  1. _____ Second World war ended in 1945.
  2. Do you know _____  people who live next door.
  3. Are you interested in _____  art or  _____
  4. Don’t stay in that hotel. _____  beds are very uncomfortable.
  5. I hate _____
  6. Two of _____ biggest problems facing our society are  _____  crime and _____
  7. What time do your children finish _____  school?
  8. On _____ way to London we passed through _____  small village with _____  old church. We stopped to visit  _____   It was _____  beautiful building.

Part 2

  1. Although _____ accommodation in Paris is quite expensive, I found _____ cheap hotel in _____ city centre.
  2. _____ Good Fast Food Competition aims to prove that _____ fast food doesn’t need to be made with _____ unhealthy ingredients.
  3. Do you know any shops that sell _____ clothes for _____ teenagers? – “Yes, there’s _____ place called young style on _____ other side of _____ town.
  4. People say _____ Costume Museum is quite boring, but I’ve got _____ friend who went there and says it’s brilliant.
  5. I went to _____ fashion show in _____ town centre yesterday. _____ models were really good-looking but _____ clothes were _____ bit boring.
  6. When my son starts _____ school, he’ll have _____ lunch every day in _____ canteen. I hope he likes _____ food.
  7. _____ tracksuit he bought yesterday was _____ wrong size.
  8. He had to go to _____ hospital for _____ check-up.
  9. Is there _____ cheap hotel near here?
  10. He left _____ home without informing anyone.



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