Learn English Writing, Basic Class: Week 14

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To help ESL students learn English vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure and prepare for the final exam, here is the plan for this week.

For the Wednesday class (EGL 106-13):

This is our last week of classes. There are no make up classes next week.

The final exam will be on June 17 at our normal Wednesday class time and in the usual classroom (9am in d433).

  1. review exam questions
  2. review old and new descriptions about a place
  3. finish edit practice
  4. finish writing the contrast story

For the Monday class (EGL 106-10):

  1. review exam questions
  2. review quiz answers
  3. review old and new descriptions about place
  4. practice writing for the contrast story
  5. finish edit practice

For the Monday class, we will have two make up sessions. The first make up class is mandatory. It will be on Monday June 8 at the regular time and classroom. During this class, you will have a chance to practice answering the exam questions and get feedback.

The second make up class will be 9am-11am on Wednesday June 10. This is will be a voluntary workshop class in my office. Come here if you have specific questions about the contrast story (coke video showing the past and present) or the exam.

The final exam will be on June 15 at our normal Monday class time and classroom (1pm in d302).

Final Exam Questions

The final exam will 50 minutes. Time is short so you need to practice before the test.

The exam will have three parts.

  1. Editing – read one paragraph, find and fix the mistakes.
  2. Write about a place. Be descriptive. The key points here will be your vocabulary, sentence fluency and ability to show me the place, not tell me about the place.
  3. Write a story that contrasts the past and present. You can use the story you wrote about the coke video or something different. The key points in this question are your organisation of ideas and your ability to use concepts rather than just simple things.

Your answers for questions 2 and 3 will be judged based on the Six Writing traits which we learned in this class: idea, organisation, word choice, sentence fluency, voice and conventions.

Because you have been provided with most of the questions, my expectations for good quality writing with excellent organisation and style are high. That means the grading standard will be hard.



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