Writing is Thinking: Summarize and Analyze

writing is thinking

Is writing a simple act of organizing words on a piece of paper? No, writing is more than that. Writing is thinking. So the question for teachers is, how do we get students learning English to think? One way is to ask students to summarize and analyze.

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Beyond Writing: What else can be done?

goal setting

Can writing be a transformative experience for students learning English? That’s the question I want to tackle after reading some exciting research that suggests specific kinds of writing assignments can help change a person’s life. It’s an idea with considerable potential, but can it be adapted to an ESL setting?

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Learn English: Short and Easy Writing Lesson Ideas

esl short writing lesson

Writing lessons take too long? Effective writing in the ESL class doesn’t always require a period or more of concentrated composition. Students can learn much from short English assignments with specific outcomes. Here are three fun, quick writing activities with video prompts that can be adapted for almost any class level, including elementary school.

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Learn English: A Short ESL Video Lesson

esl video lesson unsatisfying

Here’s a fun, no prep 15-minute activity that gets students writing and speaking simple past tense sentences. Use this lesson to help students learn English grammar and vocabulary or as a review to check accuracy. I’ve used this English lesson with great success with high beginner+ students, from elementary to university.

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