Basic ESL Conversation Lesson: Week 9

Last week my ESL students had midterm exams. So, I guess they did not spend much time learning English conversation. Just studying for the tests. This week we will start to practice English conversation with many different activities.

ESL Conversation Lessons


This is an ESL speaking lesson which helps students learn and practice questions and sentences with IF and WOULD.

Here is an example.

  • If you saw someone stealing money from a convenience store, what would you do?

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ESL Speaking – Exam Review

The final exam for the English speaking class is coming soon. This is a good chance for you and me to check your English speaking skills. The next two lessons will provide you with a chance to review the key lesson material we studied in class and prepare for the exam.

English Conversation Exam

The English conversation skills test will have two parts.

  1. The first two questions will require you to make long answers, probably at least one minute each.
  2. The last 3 questions will require shorter answers (at least 30 seconds each).

You can find all of the exam questions here: speaking-class-exam-review.

About your final score. The grading for the final exam will be fair but tough.

Here is what a high score will need:

  • quick answers (no delays, no waiting, no hum, ah, etc)
  • proper pronunciation and vocabulary
  • good grammar
  • complete sentences
  • interesting ideas

Is this tough? Yes, a little. But remember. I am giving you all of the test questions so you have lots of time to practice.

Good luck.

ESL Vocabulary – Parts of Things

This ESL vocabulary worksheet teaches English students the names of everyday things. Actually, this English lesson teaches the parts of things. For example, a leg is part of a table.

ESL Worksheet and Lesson

Students begin by matching the names smaller things with larger objects. There is a second page with pictures that provides hints.

Next, students make questions and answer to describe the location of these things. This is an extension of the textbook which teaches prepositions.

Dowload the worksheet here: ESL-objects-worksheet-lesson.

ESL Listening – Mouse Eye

This award-winning video tells a simple but fun story about a woman with a strange job. The video and worksheet are used together for an ESL listening skills lesson suitable for intermediate level English students. There are listening comprehension questions plus a few short writing tasks and a crossword puzzle.

ESL Listening Lesson

Download the listening and writing worksheet here: video-listening-lesson-worksheet.