Sophomore ESL Writing, Week 4

Learn English Writing

This is week 4 of the semester. What did we do recently?

  1. Wrote first draft – an analysis of health and wealth. This included a hypothesis, descriptive of the connection between these two variables, and an evaluation.
  2. Completed second draft of the homeless story
  3. Completed chapter 1 and chapter 2 in the textbook
  4. Weekly fluency activity (e.g. freewriting)

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Teach EFL Students Critical Thinking

Teach Reasoning in the EFL Writing Class?

Teachers sometimes lament the fact that EFL students can’t seem to write well-reasoned, logical arguments in English.

The underlying socio-linguistic factors thought to influence higher order cognition of that kind are plentiful. For example, some people suggest the way we talk affects our thinking, or the way we write script gives people from some cultures an analytical advantage. Or, it might simply be that people from different cultures see the world differently, as suggested by the Michigan Fish test, and therefore cannot write about experience in the same way.

Here’s another idea.

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