ESL Listening: Lessons, Exercises & Activities Week 11

The school semester is coming soon. It’s time for my English students to try extra hard and ignore the warm day outside the classroom window. Think about the ESL listening lesson, not the summer breeze.

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

This listening exercise helps ESL students learn about coffee. A good activity that teaches English students useful information, for coffee lovers that is.

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ESL Listening: Week 10 Videos and Activities

Here are the ESL listening videos for week 10 of our class to help students learn and improve their English skills.

Machu Picchu Video

Here is an ESL listening video about Machu Picchu, a famous city in Peru.


This ESL listening video is about a couple that breaks up.

Cook Pasta

Here is  cooking video with lots of imperatives. It’s about al dente pasta.


al dente, quart,  tongs, colander, boil. twirl, bon appetite


  1. How much water is needed for every pound of pasta?
  2. Why use tongs to stir the pasta?
  3. What should you do if you see a white line inside the pasta?
  4. Describe how to make good pasta.

Friends – Cake – Part 2

Here is the worksheet for Part 2 of Friends – The Cake.

Ancient Egypt

Here is a short ESL listening activity about the ancient Egyptians.

Growing Rice Video Lesson

The listening lesson about rice farming is here: ESL-video-lesson-rice.

ESL Listening: Week 7 Lesson Materials

It’s one week before the mid-term exams so it’s a busy week. Our English listening schedule has changed a bit so that we can cover eight chapters in the book.

Here some listening materials we will use, if there is time.

ESL Video

This is a video about one man helping soldiers and dogs.


  1. the love of my life
  2. through thick and thin

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ESL Listening Materials: Week 5

Here are the ESL listening study materials and links to ESL videos which my English students will study during week 5 of the semester.


Here is Part 1 of Birth Mother. The study worksheet for the first part of listening lesson is here: esl-Friends-Birth-Part-1-worksheet.


Our English class will watch, listen and study watch these short ESL videos.

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