ESL Listening Exercises: Week 4 Material

Here are the ESL listening study materials and links to ESL videos which my English students will study during week 4 of the semester.


Here is Part 3 of Thanksgiving. The study worksheet for the first part of this study material is here: esl-learn-Friends-Part-3-worksheet.


If time permits, our English class will watch, listen and study watch these short ESL videos.

  1. Our Secret
  2. UFO Sightings


Here are two listening exercises from the California Distance Learning Project.

Lesson 1

Here is the link for Lesson 1 listening exercise.

  1. Why is the cost of milk going up?
  2. Who will be hurt by higher prices?
  3. What does a court want to do?
  4. Is the cost of milk from other states higher?

Lesson 2

Here is the link for Lesson 2.

  1. How much does a family need to pay basic needs in California?
  2. What is the most expensive area in California?
  3. Why is this information important?
  4. What is this story about?