ESL Listening: God of War 3 English Lesson

Some TV commercials for video games have good vocabulary and stories. But do my ESL English students really listen? Or do they just get excited by the video images?

Let’s find out. Here is a TV commercial for God of War 3. The English vocabulary is great. The story is mythical.

God of War 3 (UK) from Cutting Edge Commercial on Vimeo.

God of War 3


betray, start, revenge


  1. In the story, what did the God’s do to you?
  2. What three things can you start to do?
  3. What game company makes this game?


ESL Listening: Lessons, Exercises & Activities Week 12

Here are some lessons, activities, exercises and worksheets for my ESL English students.

Kitchen Odyssey

This TV commercial is food for thought for my students. The listening vocabulary is small but the opportunity to add words and phrases is big.

Did into the video here: esl-lesson-kitchen-odyssey.

 The Road

This ESL English listening exercise uses advanced level words.

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