ESL Listening: Week 9 Activities and Lessons

The mid term exams are over. Now it’s time for my English students to start building ESL listening skills.

Subway Video

This English listening lesson  is a video about the New York subway system. Here is the video link.


rush hour, dispatcher, crisis, delay, re-route

Comprehension Questions

  1. How many people live in New York City?
  2. Why is the subway important to the people in New York?
  3. How many people ride the subway every day?
  4. How many people can ride on one train during rush hour?

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ESL Listening: Exercises and Activities

Here is a link to a website with lots of ESL listening activities and online questions. The website is from the California Distance Learning Project.

ESL Listening and Learning

The site has hundreds of ESL listening exercises, each with a variety of online learning activities, including:

  • text reading
  • new words
  • spelling
  • matching
  • comprehension question