Learn English Speaking, Basic: Week 5

Learn English Speaking

Here is an outline of the activities we will do this week to help ESL students learn English speaking skills.

This Week

  1. Chapters 3a textbook
  2. Quiz #1 review
  3. Pair work conversation with if-would questions.
  4. The importance of review
  5. Words and Books worksheet
  6. Chapter 3b in the text
  7. 5 minute stories
  8. Dictogloss
  9. sound and sort #2
  10. Tiny Story – describe the movement (find good verbs)

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Learn English Writing – Odds & Ends

Good teaching helps students paint pictures with words.


This picture reminds me that good teaching helps students paint pictures with words. It moves students to tell stories.  Even low level students can produce marvelous work with the right feedback and support.

Teachers also need support. To that end, here are a few writing ideas, lessons and activities. Maybe good teachers can kind something useful to help their students create something marvelous.

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