Failure and Success Video

This is online English video lesson has a great story for ESL students.

Do you know Michael Jordan? He was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. How did he become so great? The answer to that question is in this TV commercial.

Watch and listen.

  1. Where is he?
  2. What is he doing?
  3. Why does he succeed?
  4. What do these numbers mean?
  • 9000
  • 300
  • 26

FED EX TV Commercial

Here’s a funny video that is a good online English lesson.

Did you seen the movie Castaway? This TV commercial uses the same theme as that movie.

After watching the video, answer these questions.

  1. Where does the man work now?
  2. Where was he?
  3. How long was he there?
  4. What are the contents of the package?

Here’s the script.

Man: Hi
Woman: Hi
Man: I was marooned on an island for five years with this package and I swore that I would deliver it to you, because I work for Fed ex.
Woman: That’s very admirable. Thank you.
Man: Hey look, by the way, what’s in the package?
Woman: Uh, nothing really. Just a satellite phone, GPS locator, fishing rod, water purifier, and some seeds. Just silly stuff. Thank you again. You keep up the good work.

Listen Carefully

Are you a careful listener? Sometimes our assumptions stop us from hearing what was really said.

This English listening exercise will measure your ability to listen carefully. Listen to the sound file and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Here is the sound file.

The worksheet is here goldilocks-listening-worksheet.

Read and Listen for Free

Here is an English listening tool that you can use almost anywhere. is a website with free audio books. You can listen to the mp2 files on the computer or download the files to your mp3 player.

But here is the really interesting part for ESL students and teachers.

You can listen to the book and read the text at the same time. So, you get listening comprehension and reading comprehension at the same time. That is a great way to improve your listening and reading skills.

Here is an example.

Go the audio book website. Look down and click on The Gift of the Magi. It’s a wonderful Christmas story.

Now, click the small button that says Listen and Read.

After the page changes, you are looking at the the text of the story. Click the arrow to go the next page.