Death the Dialogue

Here is an ESL classroom video lesson written by a student. Her name is Skyler Buffmyer. The video looks and sounds like poetry for the 21st century.

Watch the English video and answer these questions.

  • What does she like in the morning?
  • What does she think about herself?
  • What is she afraid of?
  • What is a crush?
  • What does she think about dolls?
  • How often does she go to therapy?
  • What is this video about?
  • Why did she make this video?

death the dialogue from skyler buffmyer on Vimeo.

Tsunamis Video

This English classroom video from National Geographic gives a nice explanation of tsunamis.

Watch the ESL video and answer these listening comprehension questions.

  1. What are the signs that a tsunami is coming?
  2. What does tsunami mean in Japanese?
  3. Why does Japan get lots of tsunamis?
  4. What is the main cause of a tsunami?
  5. What makes an earthquake?
  6. How fast do underwater waves travel?
  7. How is a tsunami wave different from a normal wave?
  8. What happens when a tsunami recedes?
  9. How many waves are usually in a tsunami? How often do they come?
  10. When was the deadliest tsunami? How many people died?

Sesame Street – In the Box

Here is another English classroom video with Sesame Street’s Kermit the Frog and the Cookie Monster.

Watch the video and answer the ESL listening comprehension questions.

  • What is the name of the box?
  • What is the challenge?
  • What does the Cookie Monster want?
  • What does Kermit promise?
  • What does the Cookie monster do first?
  • What are the clues?
  • What is inside the box?