ESL Listening – Columbus

This video from National Geographic is about the explorer Christopher Columbus. The questions for this ESL video lesson help to build listening skills by asking students to pay close attention to small words. These words are mostly numbers and dates.

ESL Video Lesson

Listen to and watch the video from National Geographic.

Listening Skills Questions

Watch the video again and answer these questions.

1.      In what country was Columbus born?

2.      What year was he born in?

3.      What did Columbus study when he was young?

4.      What did Europeans want from India and China?

5.      How many ships did he get from the King and Queen of Spain?

6.      In what year did Columbus sail west?

7.      On what day did they spot land?

8.      Write 2 things Columbus took back to Spain.

9.      How many more trips did Columbus make to the Americas?

10.    In what year did Columbus die?

ESL Listening Lesson – Shark Attack

Sharks might be one of the scariest animals on the planet. They are also one of the most interesting animals.

This ESL listening lesson uses a video from National Geographic to learn about sharks. The short video is a great classroom resource to teach students how to listen for numbers and other specific details.

Listening Lesson

Watch and listen to this shark attack video or go to National Geographic.

ESL Worksheet

Download the ESL listening worksheet here: ESL-shark-attack-worksheet.

ESL Listening – Tater Hill

This ESL listening lesson presents the story of a young girl who lost something important.

Key Vocabulary

Use your dictionary to learn these words and phrases.

  1. ironed
  2. blanket
  3. graveyard
  4. empty hole inside me
  5. shadows

ESL Listening Questions

  1. What did the girl wish for?
  2. What is grandmother doing?
  3. Where will the box go?
  4. What does the girl want to keep?
  5. Did she keep it?
  6. What was the girl’s hair color?
  7. Why did she hold a large rock?
  8. What did she see on the hill?
  9. Why is the girl sad?
  10. What is Tater Hill?
  11. Summarize the story.

Road to Tater Hill from John Saunders on Vimeo.

ESL Listening – Mouse Eye

This award-winning video tells a simple but fun story about a woman with a strange job. The video and worksheet are used together for an ESL listening skills lesson suitable for intermediate level English students. There are listening comprehension questions plus a few short writing tasks and a crossword puzzle.

ESL Listening Lesson

Download the listening and writing worksheet here: video-listening-lesson-worksheet.