Learn English Vocabulary

Here is a link to a long list of ideas for learning English vocabulary. Some of the learning techniques are old, though useful (I still remember my high school teacher refusing to accept one word answers to questions in the classroom). Others might offer a new approach. Read the article or skim the list below.

  1. learn English phrases instead of single words (chunks)
  2. frequent review of word lists (keep lists handy)
  3. graded readers to attach sentiment to words

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ESL English Writing Lessons: Week 12 (part 2)

Here is another lesson to help ESL students learn English writing. This lesson continues from the last.


Compare means you talk about things that are similar. Contrast means find the differences.

In this writing assignment, you will write a compare and contrast message. There are two ways to compare things in paragraphs.

  1. block method
  2. point by point

In the block method, you write about things that are the same and use

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ESL Writing – Guided Lesson

This ESL writing lesson blends guided writing skills and creativity. Guided writing is a process that helps ESL students learn one or two writing skills in each lesson.

Writing Assignment

Download the lesson here: guided-writing-lesson.

Students read the paragraph. You have two tasks.

First, change the subject of the story from one spider to the plural form – spiders.

Second write a new paragraph to finish the story.

The story and writing lesson were adapted from an idea by ISP Nation in “Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing.”