Teach English Parts of Speech

If ESL students are going to improve their writing and speaking skills, they must learn the English parts of speech.

I am not a big fan of teaching grammar, but students need to know these concepts. They are the essential tools for building language skills and knowledge. Understanding the parts of speech is a handy tool for students. Like a pocket knife, they can do just about anything with it.

Parts of Speech Lesson

The full lesson plan is available in this activity worksheet.

Purpose: learn and practice identifying parts of speech.

Time: about 20 minutes.

  1. Introduce eight parts of speech to class. Explain importance of this knowledge.
  2. Ask for examples.
  3. Students read the short story about yoga.
  4. Students find examples for each part of speech in the story.
  5. Students write words in a grid.
  6. Review answers with class.

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