Teach English Quiz #1 Answers

Learn English Writing

The fall semester writing class recently completed Quiz #1. Here are the questions and answers, which can help ESL students learn English writing skills.

Part 1 Articles

Greg Brown was A high school student. While driving to school, he had A motorcycle accident. At 8:45 AM. he was driving down _X   Queen Street. At THE intersection, THE light turned red. He tried to stop but fell down and started to slide on THE wet asphalt. Then, he hit A parked car. He also crashed into two people walking on THE sidewalk. At 3:14, two officers arrived. Greg said he was not hurt badly, but he had A broken arm. They took him to THE hospital for AN examination. 

Part 2 Complex Sentences

Because my sweet and sour pork was cold, I put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

After six years in elementary school, still does not know how to play soccer.

Part 3 Compound Sentences

John liked his new smartphone, but he didn’t like the small screen.

The customers weren’t buying the grapes, so the shopkeeper lowered the price.

Part 4 Add Punctuation and Capitalization

The history of the iPod begins in 2001. Jon Rubinstein worked at Apple. He developed new products. He was in Japan looking for new products. He was in Japan  looking for new technology. While touring a Toshiba factory, he saw a small hard drive. It was 4.5 cm long. The people at Toshiba said it was new, but they didn’t know what to do with it.

Part 5 Logic Puzzle

Get Four Liters

Fill the 5-liter bucket. Pour water from the 5-liter bucket and fill the 3-liter bucket. Empty the 3-liter bucket. Pour the 2 liters from the 5-liter bucket into the 3-liter bucket. Now the 5-liter bucket is empty.

Fill the 5-liter bucket. Pour this water into the 3-liter bucket until full. You now have 4 liters of water in the 5-liter bucket.


Or ….

Find the Heavy Marble

Divide marbles into 3 groups – A, B, C. Each group has 3 marbles. Place A on one tray and B on the other. If the scale doesn’t balance, you have found the group with a heavy marble. If the scales balance, group C has the heavy marble. Remove marbles.

From the heavy group, place one marble on each tray. If the scales balance, the extra marble is heavy. If scales don’t balance, you have found the heavy marble.

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