Quick ESL Class Resources and Activities

Teach English Writing and Speaking

Every ESL teacher needs a few resources to fill unexpected time gaps, provide early finishers with a useful task or just do something a little differently.

Here are several classroom ideas – including printable worksheets, vocabulary reviews and pair work activities – that can help ESL students learn English writing and conversation skills by maximizing learning opportunities.

Why Review?

A quick five-minute presentation with a chart that highlights the importance of review and its connection to remembering.

Vocabulary Review

Review is an essential part of learning a language. We all know that. In an EFL context, students aren’t exposed to easily accessible English language resources. That’s why review, even easy review, is useful. It helps recall. Try this printable worksheet – one word for each letter of the English alphabet.

Editing Paragraphs

Six short paragraphs that contain simple errors, like punctuation, spelling and run sentences. Ask students to find the mistakes, name the errors and then fix them. Answers are at the bottom of the file.

Roll and Answer

Simple board games are a great way to give the class a change of pace. This game board is designed for lower level classes in Korea. Here is the MS Word file if you want to change the questions. Click here if you are not sure how to use these game boards in class.

Speed Game

What is a vocabulary review without a round or two of speed game?  If you are not sure how to run speed game in your class, read this. Otherwise here is a long list of words suitable for high beginner and up students.

Pair Work Conversation

A nifty 10-minute conversation activity that can often go longer if the students ask lots of follow up questions. This printable worksheet focuses on If and would questions and answers.

Words and Books

This printable worksheet has a few puzzles and word games that test student knowledge of words and books.


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  1. Simply thank you for sharing your creative ideas! I have used some of them successfully both F2F and in zoom classes. I always look forward to your emails.

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