Teach English Writing: Quiz #1

English Writing Quiz

Next week, the ESL students will have their first quiz in the English writing class. Here are some study notes for the quiz.

Part 1 Articles

One section of the quiz will have some question about articles. You will read a passage and fill in the blanks with the correct article (a, an, the) or nothing.

Here is the list of basic grammar rules for articles we studied in class.

Part 2 Complex Sentences

I will give you some connecting words. You will write one complex sentence for each connecting word.

Read the lesson explaining complex sentences to review the details.

Here is a worksheet with some practice questions.

Part 3 Compound Sentences

I will give you some connecting words (coordinating conjunctions). You will write one compound sentence for each word.

Read the lesson explaining compound sentences to remember the rules.

Here are the practice questions we did in class.

Part 4 Add Punctuation

You will read a short passage with no punctuation (e.g. periods, commas) or capitalization. Rewrite the passage with correct punctuation and capitalization.

Part 5 Precise Writing

I will give you one logic puzzle. You must write the answer. A good answer will have two parts: 1) it will be the correct answer; 2) it will clearly describe each step with all important details included.




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